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Repo info
    Mauricio Melo
    @codydaig I see, I have tried the version 4.0-dev and the vertical-module generation is working (except for the templateUrl path in the client routes, but a could manually fix it as well)
    Mauricio Melo
    So I sent a pull request but this branch is not in development anymore
    Cody B. Daig
    The master branch is the main branch now using 0.4.x version of meanjs. But the sub generators arnt built out yet.
    However, were trying to make it so files arnt kept in the generator repo unless absolute necessary.
    Cody Boyko
    Does the Yo Generator generate a copy of the MEAN.JS 0.3.x or does it now create the MEAN.JS 0.4.x?
    Cody B. Daig
    Cody Boyko
    thought so. I'll try to add that to a PR
    Cody Boyko
    This message was deleted
    Hristo Hristov
    hey guys I have one issue with the generator. Ive cloned a repo (meanjs project) and when i want to create a new express-module it wants to generate a new project for me. How to avoid that
    Cody B. Daig
    The sub generators aren't built out yet.
    Joshua Lone
    Any update on the sub generators?
    Cody B. Daig
    @jlone Just merged a sub generator into the project this morning. We've got 12 more open PRs (each with a sub generator) that are in the review process.
    Joshua Lone
    ok thank you
    How to configure this package to run on C9 IDE? (port, localhost, and mongoDB settings)?
    Hello! I am newbie. I use tinymce, how to view content not displayed tag HTML,
    as the situation now
    Screenshot from 2016-05-09 13-11-41.png
    James Bond
    Hi guys and gals, I have a question

    how would i go about calculating the sum of my cart before the api call?

    Hello guys
    anyone of you have some experience with nodemailer ?
    Suraj Kamath
    Hi i cloned a repo from git hub , want to appear or display in Chrome(localhost:port) method?
    Can anyone help me?
    Ilan Biala
    MEAN.js's generator has just been updated to 0.4.5, so feel free to try out the new version, hopefully we've fixed a lot of the bugs and issues you guys were previously having.
    Suraj Kamath
    Hi all
    Can anyone mail me 'Brochure on Internet Of Things, alone for Malls and Hospitals' PDF or PPT ..
    Please its urgent :worried:
    Joël Poulin
    Hi there. Please, I need help. I need to make setup() and teardown() functions for testing MongoDB content. I already have a script that is filling up the db. In the teardown function, I would like to clear it all. I'm open to any suggestions and if someone used mocha-mongoose before and it worked, would be nice to use it.
    need crud generator for 0.5 or can anyone point out the changes to make for the 0.4.5 generated crud-module to make it work with 0.5
    Rahul Singh

    I am running my mean js app in production mode. But it is not running with build generated gulp. I am able to see all the js files structure on browser.

    What I suppose there should be some minified files without exposing my js files/directory structure of server.

    Any Help!!