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Repo info
Mikael Korpela
if you're running it locally, just localhost:27017 should do.
Michael Leanos
+1 at what @simison said about the default Mongo with Robo3t. I'm using it and no credentials are required.
Michael Leanos
@Rocking80 Only User's with the "admin" role can add/edit Articles.
@mleanos Thanks. Then how to be a "admin" role?
Michael Leanos
@Rocking80 You can use the MONGO_SEED feature, or add the "admin" role to one of your user's.
@mleanos I will take a look, thanks for your help.
David Richardson
I can't seem to find any docs for Mean 0.6. I just started a fresh MeanJS project, and i'd like to try a test production build. I've run gulp build, but what would be the next step for deploying this to an nginx or apache vhost?

I am running my mean js app in production mode. But it is not running with build generated gulp. I am able to see all the js files structure on browser.

What I suppose there should be some minified files without exposing my js files/directory structure of server.

Any Help!!

John Yu

Hello MEAN Developers,

Has anyone launched AWS EC2 instance with the MEAN stack?

I am trying to deploy the application using "Code Deploy" which uses an "appspecfile.yml" .

Would be awesome if someone can point me to the best practices and articles that might help with this process.

does anyone have a angular(2) root to run the current meanjs app root in so I can start upgrading?
but the instructions to do it seem incomplete
Santhoshkumar B
How to use pagination concept in mean stack project
Hi guys! is there any way to use angular 5 with the app?
Hi guys, does anyone have insights on how to share variable information from a client side browser to the server? i.e. cart info for processing on the server when an successful auth happens?
Hello Everyone :D
Patrick Sile
Hey I hope everyone is fine, I am new here cause I have to start working on a project today with meanjs and I never use it before... And it sounds overwhelming, I am a software engineer student and I wish to be assisted by some people that will like to, when reading the documentation and googleing will not be enough.... Thanks
Rohan Richards
Hi all, we recently built a project on mean.js and I really liked all of the starter groundwork the project provided (functional users, routes with policies etc etc). We are now working on a new project and wanted to base it on the newest version of Angular, however we can't find a MEAN stack framework with the same level of scaffolding. Can anyone in here make some recomendations ?
Sebastien Vaucouleur
@patricksile A good way to start IMHO is to focus on the Article controller, both client side and server side. May be add a field or two.. etc.. Then create your own controller/service etc. Experiment with tests, start with Server side tests, they are (arguably) easier to write, then client side tests. Try to understand authentication only when you feel a bit comfortable, that part can be a bit tricky. Good luck !
Patrick Sile
@vaucouleur Thanks
Fahmi Amrullah
Hi all, has anyone implemented CSRF protection on meanjs?
Daron Jones
@dmaf87 It’s in there. The best way to answer those types of questions for yourself is to just visit the meanjs repo on github and do a search
Fahmi Amrullah
Hi @Wuntenn .. I did some search before ask here. meanjs/mean#997 were stuck to implement it, that's why I try to ask here.
Corey Vincent
Ruby On Rails has a lot of security built in with the framework. What does JS and the MEAN stack have built in for security? Or what are options to add-on to that stack to make a MEAN web-app secure?
Muhammad Umair Ghufran
Hello Guy's
is anybody available for reply
i'm facing one issue in my MEAN stack application
Ayz Pat
Hey guys i am looking to watch up on every change in the db , basically looking to get a real-time experiece using mongodb any guide for that??
Corey Vincent
How do I use mysql instead of mongodb?
Abdur Rahman
Hi, is there any open source mean project for gym management app ?
Tony Hudson
Hi @all anyone interesting to build CMS open source using react, webpack, bootstrap & asp.net core.
If you want to support development just star it. Or you want to contribute please let me know
José Andrés
is anybody out there?
Pierre Brisorgueil
Yash Bhandari
Hi, can anyone suggest best boilerplate for MEAN application that can be used with latest stable version of Node, Angular, Express and Mongo DB? On the basis of my reading about MEAN.JS, it seems to support Angular JS not Angular. Also want to be sure whether it supports latest stable versions of all the MEAN stack components.
Would be thankful for any help.
Pierre Brisorgueil
hello @bhandariyash we work on this actually https://github.com/weareopensource
Back : Node béta || Nest Alpha
Front : Angular béta
José Andrés
@PierreBrisorgueil github is microsoft now
Chris Steenekamp

Hi Can anyone help me?

I have built a MEAN Stack app and I would just like to add a WYSIWYG for my blog. How can I do that?

Chris Steenekamp
it would be great if some can give me guidence?
Hamza Alalach
socket.emit() doesn't send the desired message to the newly connected user, what might be the problem? I've tried io.sockets.emit(), didn't work either.
Hector Alexis Hechavarria Cuba
hello every body!! I have a problem with this stack, i had generated a modules with the meanjs generator but i have problems with the routes, because if a want to go directly the application doesn't work, somebody had the same problem?
Hector Alexis Hechavarria Cuba
somebody can help me?
Hamza Alalach
Is this group still any fucking good 😑 WTF just close it and stop gathering people around false shit
not sure if this chat is dead, but if anyone is interested, I'm currently working on a project with the latest stable versions of all MEAN stack components, https://github.com/mrdav30/MEANcore
Tauhidul Alam

Hi Guys, I would like to share with you one of my MEAN stack application. Here is the demo video URL of the project.


Please feel free to let me know your feedback. Thanks!

Hi, is anyone interested to work on transaction management application?
Anyone from London, Uk? :)