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Yuri Ziebell
Hey @yokiijay first of all: Thank you for your interest and reaching out to us. As Alva is still in quite raw state, we live from your feedback. You are absolutely right and it's good that you stress the documentation topic so much. We haven't had the time to work on Alva that we would like to have lately – that also affects our not-so-up-to-date documentation. That being said, we are working hard on shaping an environment where we can fully commit on Alva and our vision of the fusion of digital design and development.
I will do my best to gather the information for UI panel structure you ask for as soon as possible.
Tilman Frick
Hey @yokiijay! For the moment we don't support states in Alva, sorry. As you mentioned, a workaround could be to build a wrapper that handles states depending on regular properties.
Leo Le Bouter
hey there, I am using the yew reactive web client framework in Rust and I would like to create a dashboard like webapp, can Alva help me?
Mangabo Kolawole
Hello. I was searching for a good alternative to Xd for linux and I found this. It's a great project and I love it. I think that I will love playing with Alva. :)
Mangabo Kolawole
Hey there. What's the difference between alva and alva-canaris ?

Hello, I just started using Alva and used the download link on the frontpage. But I just (after a few hours of searching and trying to figure out libraries and building one using the terminal), that the Beginners guide are written for Alva Canary, not Alva. Meaning the other download link.

There is no mention of this in the beginner guides, that the download link will not match the beginners guide.

Also, is there information or examples somewhere about doing some simple things like a login dialog in an app?

Another thing, in the "getting started guide" there is no information about if some elements are supposed to be inside other elements. Is it a good idea to create a box (essentials) for an entire page for instance? What is a section (meetalva/alva-design) and what purpose does it serve?

Yet another thing: Where do I set the colors that are main and alternative?

Alessandro Aprile
any news on angular components integration?
Rahidul islam
is it support to open psd file in offline?
David Willmot
Hi, ive just downloaded Alva 0.9.1 just following the start instructions and have hit a wall with libraries. All I see is some information about library requirements, then a button to add libraries which looks for a package.json file.
What am i missing?
David Willmot
ok I've got it now.
Is typescript required for design library imports? I cant figure out why my library is being rejected by alva
You guys should consider adding a message to let developers know what the issue with their library is.
xavi codymurphyjones (Gitter): maybe Help->Toggle Debug Tools , will have some clues to what the issue is?
xavi any update on the state of the issue meetalva/alva#563
xavi Mario Nebl (Gitter) ☝️
xavi ndelangen seemed interested and storybooks seem very actively maintained. would be a great addition to alva imho.
Yash Arya
Hi Everyone, I wanna know whether this app is still developing or not?
I am not able to find a single tutorial based on it.
xavi last commit was on Jul 8, 2019, hope they resume development this year.
Hey guys, I am really interested in using this amazing tool. But just for curiosity I would like to know if the development has been stopped?
Hi, does Alva works for Angular components or only React ones?
Chris Johnson
Hi, is there a straightforward way to use an existing React app as the Alva components? For example, I'm using https://www.creative-tim.com/product/argon-design-system
@yuzl Hi Yuri, any update about using Alva with Angular? Cheers.
Gürgün Dayıoğlu
Hi, how are you?
How I put margin both buttons?
good night, I am really novice in these topics, I found alva by accident and I call a lot the attention, but when using the npm install command, I get this error and I have no idea how to fix it, look at google but I do not find exactly solution to this problem, if you could help me I would thank you very much would. "npm WARN optional SKIPPING OPTIONAL DEPENDENCY: fsevents@1.2.12 (node_modules\watchpack\node_modules\fsevents):
npm WARN notsup SKIPPING OPTIONAL DEPENDENCY: Unsupported platform for fsevents@1.2.12: wanted {"os":"darwin","arch":"any"} (current: {"os":"win32","arch":"x64"
Testeree @ant
Testeree * antoniolmt90 (Gitter): seems like alva is abandoned.
howdy !
trying to start the latest alva from the git repo
i just see a blank popup window. I am using i3 as my window manager in ubuntu
Bruno Sastre
I am using StencilJS to create my components : https://stenciljs.com/
Is it possible to integrate stencilJS components with alva?
Bruno Sastre
I need some help, is there anyone available who can help me?
someone from meetalva staff I guess
i need some help from you
how to do this:- switch from Design to Library because i can't see anything named design at top left corner as sprecified here "https://meetalva.io/doc/docs/guides-design/getting-started?guides-design-enabled=true&guides-dev-enabled=true&vvtjrhvg_p-enabled=true"
Sarah A
Hey everyone! Just discovered alva (seems amazing btw) but I'm not sure which version to download.
Hey guys just wanted to let you know that your website is using development build of React
Idk if someone made an mistake and forgot to deploy production or something but just letting you know.