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Repo info
    Melvin Carvalho
    my webid and gpg key are the same
    Sarven Capadisli
    Do you hve a set of command-line instructions for it?
    How about your SSH key? Is it the same?
    I've documented my process on the wiki (you saw the URL earlier)
    Melvin Carvalho
    ssh is different I Think
    i used some java script to do it
    Sarven Capadisli
    Wow, you have patience for code.
    if I don't "get" the code / command-line, I skip :)
    usually hunt for command-line solutions
    And since not many people around me are using GPG, I didn't push hard enough
    I;ll give that code a go.
    Melvin Carvalho
    it saves the position now
    ill have v0.1 checked in soon i think
    will be good enough to have a game
    Melvin Carvalho
    first version is checked in
    you can actually play a game on your own storage :)
    im adding realtime next
    I might add play for money soon :)
    Melvin Carvalho
    This message was deleted

    An app to play chess over your personal data space


    • creates chess board from a file
    • add refresh option
    • updates status of game on move
    • saves game to work space on move
    • listens for changes via websockets
    • updates games in realtime
    • add audio service to notify on moves
    • hooks in to GNU Chess engine for hints



    Sarven Capadisli
    Would you mind giving me more info on the java code PgpX509Bridge. Quick way to get it up and going.
    It needs all those packages..
    Melvin Carvalho
    not really sure, yeah i think it needs bouncycastle