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    Robert Friberg
    @goblinfactory Welcome to the dungeon, we can go on and on and on with technical and other details here :) Bring it on mate!
    Alan Hemmings
    I'm still trying to get the hello world, the absolutely most basic getting started first test running, using Json.
    and both those tests fail; with some type of locking issue. Default Wire fails If I have two tests, and the Json serializer fails by processing the commands differently to Wire, and the model when rehydrated is different
    Any pointers on where to start with this very simple getting started test?
    Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 00.49.21.png
    Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 00.49.39.png
    (two images above are the two failing unit tests included in the spike branch)
    Alan Hemmings
    Alan Hemmings
    Ah, please ignore this for a few hours, train just pulled in, and I think the cause for this might be because the DTO's don't have Json metadata attributes. The DTO's are unnadorned. Will test later and update here, unfortunately have to go to client. Small update to the getting started document needed if that's the case. If not, may need your help to work out what's happened. txs, A