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Mar 2015
Luciano Bertenasco
Mar 17 2015 14:48
Hey guys, first of all great work! It runs great and its super easy to set up. Thank you for your hard work!
Secondly, I'm having an issue sometimes when i restart or re-upload the server in ebs & local. I have 3 lambda functions and on every restart i always get one of them stuck with this message:
{ [Error: Function upload to AWS Lambda timed out.] code: 'ETIMEDOUT' }
I need to manually delete the lambda function from the aws console, then restart the server in ebs and pray that it works. its kind of random and i couldn't figure out why it happens.
Can you give me a hand?
Hey @rantonmattei, you’re right, looks like we’re experiencing some issues with our CLI. Thanks for your feedback, I’ll fix this issue tomorrow during the day. If you get time and figure out what’s going on, please send a PR !
@lbertenasco thanks for your support. Lambdaws will get most of my attention tomorrow during the day, I’ll try to figure out what’s happening in there.
If you guys land up on anything more that I should take care of, please feel free to notify !
Luciano Bertenasco
Mar 17 2015 17:45
Thanks @EFF, meanwhile i'll keep trying to solve this by myself. if i have news i'll let you know.
great !!!
Raphaël Antonmattei
Mar 17 2015 18:32
@EFF thx! I noticed the version is also off on master in the package.json it says "version": "1.0.10" whereas the latest is supposed to be 1.0.12 according to NPM. I'll look into that error.
Another thing that could help to debug this would be to publish the tags on github, cause it is really hard for me to know what I actually pull. (I mean npm vs. github)
Sylvain Perron
Mar 17 2015 18:53
Hey @lbertenasco ! Thank you for the feedback, it’s really appreciated. There’s other people that had the same issue, and it seems like it could be related to a slow upload. The default timeout is 5 seconds, can you try raising that timeout to 20s?
  credentials: {
    accessKey: 'MYACCESSKEY',  // string, AWS AccessKeyId.
    secretKey: 'MYSECRETKEY',  // string, AWS AccessKeySecret.
  role: 'arn:aws:iam::999999999999999:role/lambda_exec_role',  // string, AWS ARN. Must have full access to SQS.
  region: 'us-east-1',
  uploadTimeout: 30000
@rantonmattei you’re right, we’ll do that. Feel free to make a PR if you happen to know how to do this quickly. The CLI isn’t working with npm for some reason, but if you pull master you can run the CLI with node bin/lambdaws-cli
Luciano Bertenasco
Mar 17 2015 19:22
@slvnperron good info, i mistakenly thought the default was 20s. i've just changed my config adding "uploadTimeout: 120000" (just to be safe) and it seems it fixed the issue.
I re-uploaded it several times to give it a good try and it does not break, thank you very much!
@lbertenasco good to hear !
Sylvain Perron
Mar 17 2015 20:20
@lbertenasco Glad it fixed your issue!