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Sylvain Perron
@rantonmattei You are right about the events thing. Thanks a lot for the contribution. I’ll have a look later today!
Raphaël Antonmattei
@slvnperron I read your comments and made the requested changes.
Sylvain Perron
@rantonmattei Awesome! PR merged
Gustav Svalander
What AMI roles does lambdaws require more specifically? Needs to be added to the docs.
Sylvain Perron
@gurre R/W SQS, Lambda full access

Hey guys,
When I start a new process with require('child_process').spawn I always get "Spawn EACCES".
And when I use require('child_process').execFile, I get "Process exited before completing request".
According to the lambda docs, lambda supports creating processes, and have seen lots of examples doing that. I can't figure out what I am doing wrong. Have a stripped down, simple version which doesn't work either:

var path = require('path'),
      childProcess = require('child_process')
      , fs = require('fs');

exports.handler = function(event, context) {
  console.log('starting handler', event);

  var nodePath = path.join(__dirname, 'node');
  var nodeArgs = [path.join(__dirname, 'hello.js')];

  console.log('calling node: ', nodePath, nodeArgs);

  try {
    var proc = childProcess.spawn(nodePath, nodeArgs);

    proc.stdout.on('data', function (data) {

    proc.stderr.on('data', function (data) {
      console.log('error  ---:> ' + data);

    proc.on('exit', function (code) {
      console.log('child process exited with code ' + code);

  } catch (e) {
    context.done(e, null);


Anyone ideas?

I'm using node just as an example here, and it also doesn't work with other binaries.
The file is an executable: "-rwxr-xr-x@ 1 zulutune staff 20231104 Mar 24 03:08 node"
Sylvain Perron
Hi @zulutune , thanks for your interest in Lambdaws.
Have you had a look into how we invoke external processes with lambdaws?
This works well for us
You may also have a look at Lambdash
Anyone around?
@ac360 sorry to be slow on the keyboard mate got some news ?
or questions ?
@EFF Has anyone been able to connect to an external DB like MongoDB in a Lambda instance using Lambdaws? I'm trying to fire lambdaws with the 'mongodb' dependency and not having much luck.
how do you specify your dependency ?
What do you mean by not having much luck ? Do you have any errors logs in your AWS cloudwatch console ?
Jacques-Olivier D. Bernier
@ac360 Just to be sure. Are you creating the db connection inside the function running on aws lambda?
@EFF sorry I keep missing you
@jackdbernier sorry to miss you too!
I've put aside the mongoDB issue since I built an app that is using DynamoDB
It's something I've been wanting to work with and since Lambda has DynamoDB support out-of-the-box, I thought I'd build a simple app that uses it
However, I do have one new question
On the start of my node applciation, I'd like to upload the Lambda functions, in case any have changed
I have a directory entitled 'lambda' in my application
I'm wondering if this will work in my main server.js file in node
    * Lambda Set-Up
    * - Upload all Lambda functions on server start so they are ready to be called
     var λ = require('lambdaws').create;
     fs.readdirSync(path).forEach(function(file) {
          var lambda_function_path = __dirname + '/app/lambda/' + file;
And is this a best practice?
I figure it's just better to upload all functions at application start, rather than when they are actually called
Hmm, running that throws the following error:
                var callbackHandler = !!configs.ignoreResponse ? '_emptyCallbackHandle 
   TypeError: Cannot read property 'ignoreResponse' of undefined
Jacques-Olivier D. Bernier
You are missing arguments when calling create. The signature is something like create(handle, deps, config)
It seems like a bug that config does not have a default value since deps is defaulting to []
Though for now if you call it like that λ(require(lambda_function_path), [], {}); is should work.
Thanks for reporting.
@jackdbernier are you around?
Anyone around?
Jack, so it looks like just my code above doesn't actually do anything. The Lambda function is only uploaded when the function is called.
Jacques-Olivier D. Bernier
Are sure of it ? It might just feel that way. I did not write that code but from my understanding of it, as soon as you create a "clouded function" the code gets uploaded to aws lambda. Then the first few calls will wait until the upload finishes.
https://github.com/mentum/lambdaws/blob/144a1f0d3b2f7324b6e0587ce5231f9a32eb6e15/lib/LambdaHelper.js#L212 there you can see that the proxy you receive gets the uploadPromise meaning that at some point in time it will finish. It might be useful to resurface that promise somehow to let people get notified for upload completion.
Jacques-Olivier D. Bernier
I can be wrong though. Would you mind to share a bigger snippet of code ? You could also try adding a setTimeoutin there just to test it out.
Harry Moreno
this is looking like a nice tool. Just getting into aws lambda.
Debajyoti Mahanta
i am using the simple add example but getting the following error
return _lambdaHelper.getCloudedFunctionFromModule(module, handlerName, res
TypeError: Cannot read property 'getCloudedFunctionFromModule' of null
Mark Robert Henderson
Hi, is anybody around? I'm looking for some help with content-type headers in lambda + api gateway.
Robert D. French
@aphelionz you wanting to return something other than json?
I think API Gateway tries to assume that anything it gets is a string.
I tried to get a lambda to return html one time and I ended up having to write one of those response transform scripts in API Gateway, and I was able to set the content type there
Robert D. French
I dunno if you are the same boat I was, but I put the following mapping template on the integration response for my API method:
#set($inputRoot = $input.path('$'))