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    Hi, what's happening?
    is there some one need teem ? faridjafarzadeh12gmail.com is my address can write me
    @jkroks_twitter quick question - How many teams/ideas can we expect to be shortlisted for the on-site round? Is there a bound number?
    Bassem Omar
    any word about the testcases of the third task in the challenge ?
    are you sure they are all true?
    we passed all of them, so yeah, probably
    Bassem Omar
    you didn't put any further assumption ?
    I am doing a pretty straight forward algorithm trying all the possibilities
    AFAIR we didn't
    (put any further assumptions)
    Bassem Omar
    Okay thanks for the cooperation
    Dear organizers. As I understand after the test assignment submission deadline (00:00 of Oct 5), we can discuss the tests here a bit?
    Aleksandra Kadlubowska
    Hi @/all! Just wanted to remind you about today’s webinar at 5 pm CEST (8:30 pm IST, 11 am EDT, 6 pm MSK)! Don’t miss it - click here to join us:
    https://www.facebook.com/ChallengeRocket/videos/718739398478086/. See you there! :)
    Saurabh Thakur
    sure 👍🏼
    Bassem Omar
    @jkroks_twitter Please do inform us, if we will be able to participate or not
    as coming from Egypt
    will need a visa requesting process that needs to be done like early
    Jeff Cui
    Hi guys. I got a bug on challenge submission. The submission page got stuck and I got 0 points. This is absolutely stupid. Is there anyone I can contact? Thanks in advance.
    I have emailed challenge rocket office right after discovering the bug.
    @KamilaChallengeRocket is every team member listed by team leader has to register for the hackathon ?
    Alex Pedini
    @jeffacce I had the same, sent an email to them and the next day the challenge was reopened for me so I could submit. but did not really receive a reply to my email so I would suggest to keep checking the challenge page to see if you can resubmit.
    Jeff Cui
    @gotenks82 thanks Alex
    Shreyas Ramachandran
    How many marks are required for qualifying this stage and go on to on-site?
    Ankit Rajput
    same question here??
    Utkarsh Sharma
    Only the team leader has to give the test?
    Jatin Kumar
    @jeffacce Thanks for the feedback. @KamilaChallengeRocket Can you help with this?
    @shreyasramachandran @Ankit-Rajput Since the qualification depends on the idea and the coding challenge score, there is no fix cut-off. More you score, better are the chances :)
    @skhiearth Thats right! Just the team leader needs to take the test.
    @priyansh360 Every team member needs to register themselves individually at http://bit.ly/MercariEuroHack
    @itsmevanessi We will be giving out results soon. Sorry for the delay.
    Jatin Kumar
    @/all Hey guys!!! Today is the last day for registering your teams to Mercari Euro Hack!
    Do complete your registrations even if you dont have a team. We will help you find a team during the onsite event.
    Do also spread the word to your communities!!!
    Prateek Sawhney
    @KamilaChallengeRocket when is the latest we can hear back on the judgement? My team has submitted the idea and also completed the coding test. Factoring in scenarios of getting VISA and arrangement as we will be coming from New Delhi, India.
    Kamila Piasecka
    Hey @prateeksawhney97! The Organizers will start rolling out the results this week but all the announcements will be completed by early next week :)
    Subham Banga
    @KamilaChallengeRocket By mistake i added my name again in the team members , how can i change or edit that?
    Hafiz Muhammad Hamza
    @KamilaChallengeRocket You asked me to refine my idea. So, I've sent you an email regarding that. Kindly give me feedback for that as soon as you read my email.
    Kamila Piasecka
    @Anonymous26 We will change that, thanks for the info!
    @hmhamza Thank you! :)
    Srivatsa Sinha
    @KamilaChallengeRocket , I was wondering what all parameters are being factored while ranking teams in the online challenge? Is it just score or also time to complete the test?
    The way rank is falling in the final hours, I hope there will be a plagiarism test. Can the team please take care of this, Thanks!
    Jatin Kumar
    @srivatsa96 time taken to complete, code quality are also being considered apart from the score.
    @yell0wfl4sh absolutely!
    Srivatsa Sinha
    Ohh. My initial thought was score only , thats why i got carried away in submitting accurate code rather than hitting more wrong answers. This criteria should have been mentioned on the page also 😅
    Jatin Kumar
    @srivatsa96 accurate code is much higher priority - in case of similar scores, we will get in other factors.
    Srivatsa Sinha
    and btw i am seeing that deadlines seems to have been extended by 3 days,.. will you still start to come out with the results or we will have to wait till the end?
    Hi guys I and my friend would like to join a team with a good idea. We are full stack developers with hands on experience.