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    Yaqiang Wang
    First commit ^-^
    Hi Yaqiang
    My name is Ellie. I had a question about your awsome MeteoLab softawre
    How do I convert a grib file to arl file from the gui?
    I tried your script but I keep getting an error?
    • sorry no question mark
    Yaqiang Wang
    There is no gui function to convert a grib file to arl file due to the flexibility of grib file format. Which script you tried and what content of the error?
    K Madan Mohan Rao

    fn = 'D:/Temp/nc/air_clm.nc'
    f = addfile(fn)
    ps = f['aveair'][0,:,:,'120']
    yy = linspace(0, 1., ps.shape[0])
    ps.setdimvalue(0, yy)

    Map layer

    layer = shaperead('D:/Temp/map/110m-land.shp')


    ax = axes3d(opengl=False)
    ax.plot_layer(layer, color='c', edgecolor='b')
    ls = ax.imshow(ps, 10, offset=120, zdir='x', alpha=0.8)
    zlim(0, 1)
    xlim(0, 180)
    title('3D imshow x direction example')

    I want the data files in this code, and data files are not available in the download tab. Need help

    Yaqiang Wang
    The data file has been upload to the the website: http://www.meteothink.org/downloads/data.html
    K Madan Mohan Rao
    Dear sir,
    Thank you very much for your Meteoinfo tool, I fell in love with it. I was frustratedly searching for a tool to plot a "3D imshow x direction". Meteoinfo made it within no time. I would like to learn more about Meteoinfo, I want to get expertise with this tool. I saw this tool uses a little bit of python and Java in the backend. I have expertise in python but never used Jython. Can you please suggest some more sources where I can learn more about Meteoinfo and its coding.
    Yaqiang Wang
    I am glad MeteoInfo is useful to you. Jython and Python have the same syntax, so your Python experience is benifit to learn MeteoInfo. There are some examples and document in MeteoInfo website, which are the main learning source. Also, MeteoInfo is open source that you can learn it through reading the source code.
    K Madan Mohan Rao
    Sir, please don't mind I am bothering you. How to load data from an excel sheet in MeteoInfo.
    Yaqiang Wang
    There is no function to read excel data in MeteoInfo at present. You can save excel data as csv data and read with DataFrame.read_table function: http://www.meteothink.org/docs/meteoinfolab/dataframe/dataframe/read_table.html.