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Oct 2014
Raquel Vélez
Oct 26 2014 18:25
hi everyone!
oh, it's like evening times for y'all :-P
@iteles would you like me to pick the winner? Or narrow it down to a few choices and let others pick?
In any event, I will email you a list of my favorites, in descending order, so it'll be obvious who my top pick is (but that can then be overriden!)
Oli Evans
Oct 26 2014 18:44
that’d be great!
thank you so much @rockbot
Raquel Vélez
Oct 26 2014 18:46
I have picked my winner(s), and sent @iteles a note about how to find said list :-D
if there's one thing to be said about it, though, it's this: there are loads of brilliant people who want to learn
and anyone who says different is a poopy head
Oli Evans
Oct 26 2014 18:47
now that is good to hear
Alan Shaw
Oct 26 2014 22:40
That's so cool