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Oct 2014
Oli Evans
Oct 31 2014 06:35
Hey all. Weather today is an unseasonably 21°C and dry:
If you're up in NW London, there are some part closures at the far end of the bakerloo and overground:
Alan Shaw
Oct 31 2014 06:50
Morning all!
You should all have been invited to the Meteor London Students team. If you get time, please accept the invite (visit here if you didn’t get an email and git clone the training repo
Kirsty Sheehan
Oct 31 2014 09:14
Hi everyone
Liam Wooding
Oct 31 2014 09:14
sup sup sup
Olu Niyi-Awosusi
Oct 31 2014 09:14
Ines Teles Correia
Oct 31 2014 09:15
Hi all!
Nick Collings
Oct 31 2014 09:19
good morning everyone :)
Alan Shaw
Oct 31 2014 09:25