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Sep 2015
Dominik Guzei
Sep 17 2015 12:31
Hey @rhyslbw and @timfam, I will give a workshop about Meteor + Space in the week between 13th - 18th of October, so I am really pumped to build our CQRS tutorial app to have it ready then
I am wondering if we should start with it before the Meteor Hackathon, so that we can discuss issues etc. in a relaxed manner. Maybe we could focus only on the UI during the hackathon to finish it off
Writing tutorials doesn't feel hackathonish anyway :-D and this way we would have a lot of time to come up with good ideas for the UI to make it awesome
Rhys Bartels-Waller
Sep 17 2015 12:53
Or the application?
Build up the domain before-hand. The bounded contexts would be fit the rules of not being specific to any one app right?
Dominik Guzei
Sep 17 2015 13:57
yeah that's what i meant with UI – the application that presents an interface for the domain logic lying in the BCs
Rhys Bartels-Waller
Sep 17 2015 14:03
That then really is a hackathon project since it would be great to have a MVP app that a small operation could potentially use
Sep 17 2015 20:13
Makes sense. And sorry guys buried with some emergency work that I trying hard to wrangle out of :( . Lets start building something
Sep 17 2015 22:03
@DominikGuzei is it possible (and right) to listen on an event in a Component?
I want to run a GMaps resize when something happen