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Oct 2015
Rhys Bartels-Waller
Oct 06 2015 00:41
@DominikGuzei Let’s drop Mediator in favour of official View Layer integration classes like Blaze Components
Rhys Bartels-Waller
Oct 06 2015 00:53
I’ll refactor the example apps
Dominik Guzei
Oct 06 2015 08:35
Yeah, i agree – if people see that, it probably just turns them off because of the extra complexity / verbosity involved. We should rather strive for better integration paths with React / Angular
This is also a good refactor to make for the next major version with breaking changes which has to come anyway
Another thing that will go into that is the improvement of the state handling of the Space.ui.Statefulmixin. I will start with that today. The improvement will be that it does not matter if a state property is a function or an object. If it is a function then its return value will be returned instead of the actual value (the function). This way you can build fine-grained reactivity in your stores etc. but the outside does not need to know how it is provided.
Rhys Bartels-Waller
Oct 06 2015 09:55