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Nov 2015
Hi guys. I'm currently going over the available documentation and I understand you are in the middle of updating it. Do you have an ETA? Thanks.
Rhys Bartels-Waller
Nov 18 2015 22:38

Hey @fxv . We’re actually in the middle of a major dev cycle, with heaps of improvements and breaking changes so docs are on hold until the dust settles. We do have a couple of example apps being built now, so that will be the best way to see Space in action, otherwise we’ve got a nice expressive test-suit. These are critical projects and we need em done fairly urgently, so expect to see lots of collaboration and new code merged into the develop branches daily

Rhys Bartels-Waller
Nov 18 2015 22:48
We have started on docs over there, but is mostly an outline at this stage.
Thanks @rhyslbw . I'll take a look later tonight.