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Repo info

    Hello, my name is Liora and I am currently hunting open source projects for company NeuraLegion (www.neuralegion.com)
    We just launched a free annual subscription for open source projects for our AIAST tool NexPloit.

    If you are interested, please, reach us on opensource@neuralegion.com!

    Thank you for your time and consideration! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!


    Constantijn Baarendse
    @witcradg_gitlab instead of 'test?' write 'yourprojectname?' where yourprojectname is really the name of your project (say the root of your collections)
    Łukasz Włodarczyk

    Hello, I have problems with Meteor server timeout. I use version Meteor
    I would like to have webhook call running for 125 seconds (setTimeout). Default Meteor server timeout is 2 minutes.
    I am trying to use following code for test:

    app.get('/test', async function (req, res) {
        console.log('before', new Date().toString());
        let p = new Promise(resolve =>
            setTimeout(() => {
                console.log('finished', new Date().toString());
            }, 125 * 1000)
        await p;
        console.log('after', new Date().toString());
        return res.send(`all good ${new Date().toString()}`);

    When I use curl to test it I am getting timeout after 2 minutes:

    Console output:
    curl -X GET "localhost:3000/test"
    curl: (52) Empty reply from server
    Meteor output:
    I20190709-16:10:36.268(2)? before Tue Jul 09 2019 16:10:36 GMT+0200 (CEST)
    I20190709-16:12:41.272(2)? finished Tue Jul 09 2019 16:12:41 GMT+0200 (CEST)
    I20190709-16:12:41.274(2)? after Tue Jul 09 2019 16:12:41 GMT+0200 (CEST)

    Can you help me with this? Is there a way to change, overwrite default meteor server timeout?

    Łukasz Włodarczyk
    I have tried following req.setTimeout(150 * 1000); in order to increase default meteor server timeout, but it does not work either. I have found following issue on meteor github repo: meteor/meteor#3826
    Joe Pea
    I think I know a good candidate for conversion to TypeScript, if not already: the check package. It'd be nice to have type guards functionality from them as well!
    @benjamn ^

    killdashnine > <@gitter_kschingiz:matrix.org> Hi everybody I have developed a package which makes it possible to publish collection lookups (joins), please take a look and let me know what do you think about it:


    It's very difficult to compete with Grapher. https://cult-of-coders.github.io/grapher/

    killdashnine * It's very difficult to compete with Grapher
    Joe Pea

    @kschingiz That's nice! It was super simple to understand what your lib is for by reading the README.

    I felt overwhelmed when I landed on the Grapher page. I couldn't immediately tell what Grapher was for (and I didn't take the time to know). For example, it starts saying

    Transforming this into a Grapher query looks like this: [INSERT SOME CODE HERE]

    Why would I even want to convert a regular query to a Grapher query, if I've no idea why?

    In contrast, I know exactly why I'd want to use publish-lookups. It is immediately obvious.

    killdashnine: ^
    Eaven Portillo
    Hello, we're looking for an angular / ionic developer for an existing project. we would prefer a developer in brazil please ping me if interested. A gente ta procurando um dev para trabalho remoto flexível com experiência em angular / ionic. Inglês é preferido. Eu sou americano. eaven@popstand.com
    Hi there, was curious if anyone here has ever gotten React-Styleguidist working with a Meteor+React project?
    Simply looking to create documentation for the site. If you think there are better alternatives, I'm more that welcome to hear them
    Guillaume Darbonne
    Storybook was created on Meteor and still works fine 😎
    Joe Pea
    Any thoughts on game architecture with Meteor, and MongoDB vs GraphQL? Suppose someone wants to make a first person shooter.
    Assume that the graphics part is handled with WebGL, that's all good. The game would be multiplayer (up to 8 or 10 players or something). What sort of considerations might we need to make for the database connectivity?
    Laurent Roger
    with 10 players I would recommend to compare both architecture. I would bet on DDP versus GraphQL ;)
    Joe Pea
    http://krunker.io is built with WebSockets
    But it is custom.
    Hi everybody! I’m learning Meteor. I have a chat app, and i would like to see, with my account, all the others users, but only if they are connected. How can i do that? Thank’s!
    Joe Pea
    Subscribe to the list of users with a mongo query in a Meteor subscription, or similar.
    Yes thanks for the response
    But it will return all the users isn’t it?
    Joe Pea
    Not unless you request a subset of users in your query
    F.e. you need to track which users are in a room (if you're using "rooms"), and then get a list of those users. The collection might contains a list of IDs. That's only one possible way to do it though.
    Or, you have a Rooms collections, and each object has a users array.
    Ok thank you Joe!!
    Joe Pea
    Np! Hope that got you thinking of an idea.
    Guillaume Darbonne
    There is also this https://github.com/mizzao/meteor-user-status but I do not know if it still works
    Joe Pea
    One thing I like about Meteor is tha some packages for it work so well, because they build on everything that Meteor has. In contrast, other frameworks have too many varying libraries from NPM, and one can't simply make a plugin that is built on a specific set of features. Sure, it could import libraries, but the libraries it imports may not be the libraries the application uses.
    Hi, can I ask here if Meteor is the right solution for me?
    I work on SPA web app that will allow drawing on screen canvas.
    There will be 1k to 10k users in total, concurrent from 300-3k.
    No big database searches, just some internal on-server computation (loops, arrays etc.). As well no need to use realtime communication for now.
    I am worried about scalability and performance, as I read a little bit about this
    Mongo DB sharding etc.
    I like the idea to have interchangable code between frontend and backend though
    Matt Campbell
    @Derk92 If the majority of the work is drawing with canvas, that's all client-side (doesn't matter how many users you have). You should look into PM2 or some other load balancing Node solutions for that many users.
    @maka-io Does this PM2 integrate with Meteor or should I use vanilla Node.js for this to work?
    Matt Campbell
    @Derk92 So, Meteor deploys to Node when you're ready to use it in production. Issuing a "meteor build" will produce a compressed NodeJS bundle file, which you decompress "in production." You'd then set up PM2 to run the node process, and you can tell it how many instances to run, and how it should handle load balancing.
    Guillaume Darbonne
    @Derk92 also you can go with Galaxy and Atlas with easy scaling. But for 3 front with a good load balance it's 90$/month on Meteor Galaxy
    Also 1 small instance is enough up to 1k synchronous connection with my meteor app. Tested with gatling 😁
    Matt Campbell
    @guidouil for ease of use, yes that price tag is worth it. For some read up on AWS ec2 (which is what galaxy uses, and heroku) load balancing, you can save a ton.
    @Derk92 if you would like, private message me and I'll set you up with my AMI that has PM2 and NGINX that is a knockout for easy deployments. One better, checkout Meteor-up, I made a tutorial on Medium with my scaffolding tool and MUP on how to get it deployed to EC2
    Sefa Mert Kaya
    Hello , On Macbook Meteor js runs very slowly, I constantly get a 503 error on the browser. Has anyone experienced such a problem before? Linux runs much faster on the machine.

    How to make it as portable

    I have created a node js web application. Now i want to make it as portable or platform independent i.e need to make it available for windows, linux and mac

    We need to make it as portable..For example like DocFetcher which runs without any software and just needs JVM. Similarly The user may not know and there should not be a need to install the servers and open the app..Everything should be bundled or portable which should run in any machine

    May be executable or portable apps like https://portableapps.com/apps

    Please advise which is the best and easiest way to do this.


    How do you access the settings from mobile-config.js within your Meteor app?
    Joe Pea
    @prog20901 For portability, you can run meteor build, then look at the build output. You'll see a server file, and a client file. You run the server file with Mode, and the client file in the browser. Maybe you can wrap this with Electron for desktops.