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Repo info
    @maka-io you might want to look into your cert getting updated or issuer changed or something because firefox is throwing up a warning on your site
    Matt Campbell
    @wscarter Ahh! thanks for letting me know! I'm not having that problem with chrome.
    anonymouscoward maka-cli looks like it's going to be very useful. thank you
    anonymouscoward "See Restivus for more information. Note, that this library hasn't been updated in a while so I've made a fork of it to maintain." <- ambitious
    Franciélly Lima

    @franciellylima I also had some troubles with jquery, I don't really know what's wrong with your project but mine got fixed by changing "jquery" by "jquery@3.0.0!" in .meteor/packages

    I just need to create a "Compatibility" folder, and put the js file

    Show Meteor: Today I'm relaunching one of my side projects, looking for feedback, please, join the discussion — https://forums.meteor.com/t/css-grab-ngo-editor-made-with-meteor
    I have successfully connected my meteor app to signin using an oauth package wiseguyeh:accounts-azure-active-directory, using redirect. My problem is that when user is not allowed to sign in, I get a console.log in the server side but I would like to display an alert in the client side. Any ideas how to achieve this?
    I cannot find how to get this info in the client side
    what I see on server side: (oauth_server.js:392) Error in OAuth Server: access_denied
    Joe Pea
    @dr-dimitru Very nice!
    Becca Plowman
    Does anyone have experience working with multiple, chained subscriptions in React? Especially when using useTracker within a function Component. I've just been using Class Components, but I'd like to get a better understanding so I can follow the React community as it seems to prefer function Components.
    @trusktr thank you for feedback :)
    Good morning
    Does anyone have experience using patch-package¹ with Meteor? I don't see my patches being applied in the modules.js file that is being served to the browser
    ¹ https://www.npmjs.com/package/patch-package
    ... So actually, it works — It's just that I was only patching the TypeScript sources, not the derived .js
    Joe Pea
    Artur Sena

    Hey guys! Can i ask a question here? I'm testing the grapher package for meteor, and need to grab a nested array with some kind of slice to paginate it, and couldnt make it work, not find any information on how too,

    Could some kind soul give some help? Thanks

              metadata: true,
              $options: {
                messages: {
                  $slice: [
                    0, 0
              serialized: 1,
              messagesUnread: 1,
              messages: 1,
              contact: {
                formattedName: 1,
                pushname: 1,
                profilePicThumbObj: {
                  eurl: 1
    Guillaume Darbonne
    @algoz098 maybe you should ask your question on Meteor Slack https://meteor-community.slack.com/archives/CPFDTS9EG
    How to create an HTML file which works locally without internet to image to text ? Ex: https://omed.hplar.ch/webocr/ and https://golb.hplar.ch/2019/07/ocr-with-tesseractjs.html
    enzo - Eduardo Garcia
    Hi folks, someone has a Dockerfile to set up a local dev environment with Docker?
    Laurent Roger
    @enzolutions look at mup's configuration as a start choice : http://meteor-up.com/docs.html#meteor-support
    enzo - Eduardo Garcia
    I use mup to deploy in a server, but I am thinking in a docker version to share the env with others developers, maybe I don't understand your point :P
    @lc3t35 ^^
    Laurent Roger
    if you knew mup, good point ! so use this Dockerfile (node) but with local volume and meteor as dev : meteor run —settings settings-dev.conf
    enzo - Eduardo Garcia
    Hello all ! I encounter an "Uncaught ReferenceError:" when I paste a large chunk of code (500 lines) in .editor but it works when I paste small chunks (50 lines). In the past, I already pasted several thousands of code without any problem. I am on meteor 1.10.2. Here is a capture
    Does it ring any bell ?
    Laurent Roger
    as it says team and addteam are not defined
    let team; will solve the first and finding the code for addteam the second
    You can see that this is not the problem as it would have triggered at the beginning. team and addTeam are already defined and If I paste a small chunk it is OK. A big chunk it is not OK
    very strange behavior
    Laurent Roger
    so open an issue on meteor’s github

    Hi guys, im new to Meteor, I just followed the Todo App Tutorial, created the App but when I want to start the Server theres an Exception:

    throw error;

    RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded
    (Use node --trace-uncaught ... to show where the exception was thrown)


    You can see that this is not the problem as it would have triggered at the beginning. team and addTeam are already defined and If I paste a small chunk it is OK. A big chunk it is not OK

    The workaround for me was to minify the code

    Lauri Ojansivu
    With Meteor, how do I get query results from MongoDB (lots of data) streamed to client to dowloaded .json file, when at web app user click at download link? With minimal RAM and resource usage?
    one or multiple queries results streamed to same downloaded .json file
    Laurent Roger
    i would use mongo aggregate to build the result in one query, use Webapp or json-route to add a route that call the query and serves the json file
    Cosmin Dumitrache
    has anyone come across this issue while trying to build with AOT enabled with latest version of meteor + angular? "compiler.ts:854:42: host.isSourceFile is not a function"
    there's also an open forum issue here, would be much appreciated if anyone has any thoughts on how to solve this: https://forums.meteor.com/t/meteor-1-10-1-breaks-angular-integration-when-aot-is-enabled/52511/5
    This may be useful for anyone - Turn your pc to lightening speed in 7 steps - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0odMfF2yWQ&feature=youtu.be
    Kelly Copley
    Just in case anybody hasn't heard, Meteor and Meteor Community Group have teamed to bring to life Meteor Impact Conference, a virtual conference all about Meteor. More info can be found at https://impact.meteor.com
    I was wondering, how can I add a Gitter chat room on my Meteror Project?

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    Hey there, not sure how active the Gitter is, does anyone know what value should the "release" parameter have when runnign

    curl https://install.meteor.com/?release=2.0-beta.2 | sh

    I keep getting "curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 403 "
    the 1.11.1 version works fine, but want to upgrade our CI to the 2.0-beta.2 version, but the value it expects seem to be different

    Is there a different place where the Releases are documented?

    https://github.com/meteor/meteor/releases because checking here I can see that the proper version should be 2.0-beta.2