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Repo info
    Lauri Ojansivu
    one or multiple queries results streamed to same downloaded .json file
    Laurent Roger
    i would use mongo aggregate to build the result in one query, use Webapp or json-route to add a route that call the query and serves the json file
    Cosmin Dumitrache
    has anyone come across this issue while trying to build with AOT enabled with latest version of meteor + angular? "compiler.ts:854:42: host.isSourceFile is not a function"
    there's also an open forum issue here, would be much appreciated if anyone has any thoughts on how to solve this: https://forums.meteor.com/t/meteor-1-10-1-breaks-angular-integration-when-aot-is-enabled/52511/5
    This may be useful for anyone - Turn your pc to lightening speed in 7 steps - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0odMfF2yWQ&feature=youtu.be
    Kelly Copley
    Just in case anybody hasn't heard, Meteor and Meteor Community Group have teamed to bring to life Meteor Impact Conference, a virtual conference all about Meteor. More info can be found at https://impact.meteor.com
    I was wondering, how can I add a Gitter chat room on my Meteror Project?

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    There are three types of attacks on connected objects and embedded systems. Software attack, non-invasive and invasive hardware attacks. The first take advantage of software vulnerabilities, the second recover information from the hardware without damaging it while the third involve opening the components and therefore destroying them in order to be able to extract secrets. While the first two types of attacks do not require many resources, this is not thecase for invasive attacks, for which very expensive equipment is requires.

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    Hey there, not sure how active the Gitter is, does anyone know what value should the "release" parameter have when runnign

    curl https://install.meteor.com/?release=2.0-beta.2 | sh

    I keep getting "curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 403 "
    the 1.11.1 version works fine, but want to upgrade our CI to the 2.0-beta.2 version, but the value it expects seem to be different

    Is there a different place where the Releases are documented?

    https://github.com/meteor/meteor/releases because checking here I can see that the proper version should be 2.0-beta.2

    Can anyone share a link to the Meteor dev slack channel? the gitter seems dead :(
    Guillaume Darbonne
    checkout the forum ;)
    Hi guys- Isn't there any active ordinary meteor community or forum? So sad can't find any active one-
    Guillaume Darbonne
    The forum is pretty active IMHO
    Yeah look like main forum is actived and the only option for now. Thanks @guidouil and please let me know any other things
    I'm Korean and here is German but there's no activity unfortunately. I DON'T understand why the meteor look like a bit sinked! ;/
    Guillaume Darbonne
    @kakadais the 2.0 and the free hosting coming back look promising to me ­čĄę watch Meteor Impact videos
    @guidouil Hope so! ;)
    Hi, anybody here? I have a little headache from create, validation, sanitize and security form in Meteor blaze. I was thinking to use autoform, but it seems to by the discussions in forums, that autoform is dead. Solution is use react with simpleschema, but I don't want to rewrite whole app. Is it truth, that autoform is dead? Thanks a lot.
    Guillaume Darbonne
    I use Semantic-ui it has a good form validation lib. But I prefer to make my own forms ­čśů
    @admin572_gitlab I agree with @guidouil . I know a lot of people love Autoform, but it was not easy to perform fully validate all Needs, in my case. Make own form validation would be best for adjust I think.
    @guidouil @kakadais Thanks a lot for your answers, we completely refrited the app from Blaze to React
    @guidouil @kakadais ....and we implemented the React Kendo UI, I found, that autoforms is goying to be without support...
    @guidouil @kakadais *rewrited
    therefore we did not used autoforms
    Renan LE CARO
    Hi, I had to rate limit a server side function across users, and couldn't find a perfectly working solution, what do you think of what I came up with ?
    @admin572_gitlab autoform is not dead. It is now under community maintenance.
    Harry Adel
    Hello World!