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Dec 2015
Dec 10 2015 16:11

Hello guys,

I need to use websockets for a third-party commenting app similar to disqus. I have created the django backend, api for exposing the data, javascript for loading on third-party websites. I recently learned that to make it realtime I need to use websockets and redis(I may be wrong). So I explored the choices swampdragon and django-websocket-redis are the latest up to date.

Q.0. Which one is easier (for a newbie, who don't have any knowledge/understanding of how they work) with less complexity to implement in production?

Q.1. Are there any resources available to learn how to implement in production. I'm using heroku by the way ? Already searched on youtube and google for tutorials, most of them are outdated. Read the docs of both swampdragon and django-websocket-redis, tried the redis interactive tutorial.

Are there any examples/tutorials for using redis pub/sub in django.

Please help