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Repo info
    Olivier Louvignes
    Foo bar
    Issue #123
    Marius Nedelcu
    Ivan Tilikin
    Nicolai Skogheim
    Cosmin Ronnin
    hi :)
    Marius Nedelcu
    there are so many of you here,, I never thought!
    Bruno Filippone
    Does anyone know how to display using bs-select a selected value format different from the one displayed inside the dropdown?
    I guess I have to use the dropdown instead
    Renato Bebić
    hello :smile:
    Alexander Kozhevin
    bs-options="item.key | translate for item in mylist" bs-select
    has anybody issues with translate in bs-options thing
    Steve Shaffer
    Anyone know the best way to have a bs-tooltip that's always open? I see a reference to a $show() function in the docs, but I'm not exactly sure where that would get called from. Thanks in advance (if anyone's around here)!
    This message was deleted
    sorry... mistake
    Hi everyone, does anyone knows why a bootstrap column doesn't detect an inner element with a fixed position ? when i say doesn't detect : it becomes small and the other columns just squashes the fixed element ..
    Pekka Nurminen
    Hi, does anyone have an idea how to handle the situation when I have two modals open and I close the top one --> the modal that is still shown loses focus and e.g. scrolling scrolls the page below the modal, not the modal content.
    Hugh Eland
    Anyone else having issues with 2.3.5+ and IE11? In IE11 only, when using typeahead, focus gets taken by the suggestions popup? I've traced this to changes in $tooltip.show function... It works fine in other browsers or with version 2.3.3 or below.
    Steve Shaffer
    Yes, we’ve seen that in IE9-11 on angular-strap 2.3.9
    @hughreeling We haven’t found a suitable fix, only tried to work around it. But even that we can’t get to behave consistently.
    In our case, our issue is that when the input is added to the DOM, the input is automatically focused and the typeahead automatically pops. But we don’t want that field focused. Our hacky workaround in that case is to add a disabled attribute to the input with the typeahead and then do
                $timeout(function() {
    …but like i said not even that works all the time
    Cristian Hernandez
    Hey there. Maybe this is a stupid question, but if I have <div id="abc"><input bs-datepicker data-container="#abc"/></div> and set the input to be display: none, why does my calendar end up top left? does the data-container not override what display: none's doing?
    I understand why setting display: none would set the calendar top left, as it moves with the input, which will float top left with display none, but I thought the container option would fix that
    Also, why is the calendar popover showing a whole extra week in next month that isnt in this month at all?
    Can I stop that happening?
    One more question - if I use autoclose set to false, how do I make the selected date change? at the moment, it selects the day I click on, but the previous date is also still selected with a grey box