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In samples, for (var i = 0; i < items.length; i++) {
used to append data
How can we declare ambient modules?
Alejandro Alvarez
Hi, I've been using the seed for a while now. And had no trouble to add any third party npm package. However, I'm trying to add @ng-select/ng-select (https://github.com/ng-select/ng-select) I cannot. Does anyone have any issue with this? Thanks in advance!
Krzysztof Zimny

After updating to angular 6 and the latest angular-seed I'm getting the following info message on build.prod.rollup.aot compilation task:
[22:35:50] Starting 'build.bundles.app.rollup.aot'...
The following options have been renamed — please update your config: name -> output.name, sourcemap -> output.sourcemap
preferring built-in module 'url' over local alternative at 'C:\project\Mvc\SPA\node_modules\url\url.js', pass 'preferBuiltins: false' to disable this behavior or 'preferBuiltins: true' to disable this warning
preferring built-in module 'url' over local alternative at 'C:\project\Mvc\SPA\node_modules\url\url.js', pass 'preferBuiltins: false' to disable this behavior or 'preferBuiltins: true' to disable this warning
'url' is imported by node_modules\@auth0\angular-jwt\src\jwt.interceptor.js, but could not be resolved – treating it as an external dependency
No name was provided for external module 'url' in options.globals – guessing 'url'
Creating a browser bundle that depends on Node.js built-in module ('url'). You might need to include https://www.npmjs.com/package/rollup-plugin-node-builtins
[22:36:00] Finished 'build.bundles.app.rollup.aot' after 10 s

What does this mean?

Maxwell Sands
Has anyone seen the error with ngx-bootstrap, unable to find the modules?
I followed the docs on the ngx-bootstrap's github
Hi guys! My Production build is almost finished, but the uglify chokes on some es6 code. I wondering a bit because gulp should have already transpiled it beforehand...
var perr = new GulpUglifyError(msg, cause);
GulpUglifyError: unable to minify JavaScript
Caused by: SyntaxError: Unexpected token: keyword (const)
File: /home/.../git/graphicuss-angular/dist/prod/js/shims.js
Anthony Nahas
hi, is server side rendering supported ?
Valentyn Yakymenko
Hi @AnthonyNahas , please use Angular Universal for SSR
Anthony Nahas
Could anyone give an example of how to set environment type (dev or prod) and then depending on this use in a component some environment variable from dev.ts or prod.ts?
Mustafa Masvi
Hi Guys! I want to install ngx-barcode into the seed project but due to some reason when I run the application, it get struck into the loading screen.
Things I have tried,
Add the right path into the project.config.ts.
  • with index.js build.prod was successful but the application stuck at loading.
  • with index.d.ts, there was a 'import' and 'export' may appear only with 'sourceType: module error.
    NPM package : https://www.npmjs.com/package/ngx-barcode
updated project to latest seed and run build.prod.aot and get the below error, i have made sure there is nothing in the project that requires the rxjs-compat.
Error on fetch for rxjs-compat.js at file:///C:/TFS/TFSOnline/AngularSeed/node_modules/rxjs-compat.js
Loading rxjs/Rx.js
Loading @angular/core/bundles/core.umd.js
Loading dist\tmp\app\main-prod.js
ENOENT: no such file or directory, open 'C:\TFS\TFSOnline\AngularSeed\node_modules\rxjs-compat.js'
originalErr: Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open 'C:\TFS\TFSOnline\AngularSeed\node_modules\rxjs-compat.js'
hi everyone
when iam running test in jasmine in a angular seed project it is always giving async was not invoked in default timeout error
What may be the cause??
By any chance can it be due to the socket io library as it requires continuous communication between client and server??
Shubham Suri
this solution doesnt seem to work giving the following error
Screenshot (23).png
Chris Pilson
Greetings. Has anyone been able to make testing work? We apparently had testing running ages ago, updated the seed quite some time ago, and haven't revisited testing until now. I can't get unit testing to work on our build, and I don't see it working out of the box with the latest build (e.g. mgechev/angular-seed#2322 ). Is this everyone's experience, or am I missing some tribal knowledge here?
Chris Pilson
^ Resolved.
hello evryone
do anyone have any idea regarding the roadmap to add lazyload feature in master branch?
and one more question which one will enrich the user exeprience if we are using lazyload vs treeshaking+aot
Hey guys.x
Can you suggest me some open source projects and organization for beginners in Angular ,React or MEAN and MERN?I want to enhance my skills from beginners to advance level.
Mám stejný problém.
I have the same problem.
Hello is here anybody who can help me? I am stuck with ag-grid-angular + rollup problem described in ag-grid/ag-grid-angular#112. Since mgechev/angular-seed#2288 there is only rollup supported in the seed. Can somebody help me how can I make my production build pass and run the app without errors? Doesn't matter if there will be AoT or JIT compilation. Thanks a lot.
Carlos Pal
hello everyone, I was hoping someone could help me out with this issue I've been having for a while now, I was trying to use the Docker compose functionality, but changing the base-href to match my app name when deployed to an environment, so I edited the Dockerfile_prod to do a RUN npm run build.prod -- --base /myapp/ , it builds fine and everything, but when I try to run the image locally on nginx both my .css and .js files return the index.html instead
If I leave the dockerfile_prod as is in the seed's repo, it works perfectly when running in nginx, same goes for when I do an npm run serve.prod even when I do a npm run serve.prod -- --base /myapp/ , but from what I understand those last 2 are running locally with express
Edmund Park
anyone get lazyloading to work with the angular-seed and have a guide/link they can refer to
Hi, I'm trying to figure out the following:
How come I have to load my imports to each and every module?
Shouldn't it be enough to import them in the app module and that's it?
Hello everyone
recently i had updated angular-seed project to latest version v7
When i generate a prod build it is being successfull altough with some lint error
but the build is generated successfully
When i serve it or open in browser it shows nothing there rather just a blank page
through the network tab i see that the app.js and shims.js files are loaded too
but no UI on browser nor any dom got generated
Can any one help me with this as we are at a crucial stage of your application as soon is needs to be production ready
Antonio Xocoy Rosales
hey guys!, im starting to use FCM for Web with Ionic 4 PWA, but, im getting this error, some know why is showing this error?
im importing firebase/app and @firebase/messaging packages
Prakash Singh
hey guys! im starting a project with angular 10 and sails 1.3 ... but I'm stuck on when accessing my production build files on sails lift... anybody can help??
Usama Tahir
Hi guys. How to run this project using ngrok. When I use ngrok to serve on https, the app keeps on loading forever.