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Repo info
    Martin Gontovnikas
    Adam Wynne
    Eric Man
    Olivier PASCAL
    Hello ! Pretty over-powered library ! Gg to contributors!
    Florian Go├če
    How is the status of restangular 2.0 ?
    Dan Weaver
    hey can anyone suggst how I could create a response interceptor that only works on one restangular element?
    Dan Weaver
    is 1.x still being maintained?
    Ahmed Saleh
    has any one tried authenticating users using rails devise and Restangular POST method ?
    I always get Status code: 404 Not Found
    and the Request Method is being: OPTIONS
    Kent Cooper
    Are you posting across domains?
    Sounds like the browser is trying to make a CORS request and your server API is not responding
    Ahmed Saleh
    ah yes, they are on different ports
    however, i'm setting the CORS headers on my server side api
    Ahmed Saleh
    it was all about CORS policy, i used https://github.com/cyu/rack-cors to solve the problem
    Heitor Neiva
    I can't upgrade from 1.2.1 because some of the API's I access return non-list responses on getList anyway I can disable this check on restangular configuration?
    Andrea Passaglia
    Nice geometric form
    Andrew Boehner
    "dependencies": {
        "lodash": ">=1.3.0",
        "angular": "~1.x"
    Should this look for lodash breaking changes ? Had an issue today when lodash upgraded to 4.0.0
    This message was deleted
    Andrew Boehner
    #1295 found the open issue
    Mathew Foscarini
    It's contains a reserved word now? Maybe it's in Object
    Heitor Neiva
    @mgonto Are you planning on updating this project?
    how to post object in body while saving data
    how to send object to server without queryparams
    Matt Shwery

    I'm having trouble finding good documentation on how to create a restangular service for a singular nested resource? One that does not accept an id in the path.



    There is no :trends_id, but the endpoint is not a collection. It returns a single json object as opposed to an array of json objects.