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Repo info
    Andrew Newell
    Hey, I'm still learning RoR, how do I set global properties for HighCharts? http://api.highcharts.com/highcharts#global
    I'm trying to set the timezoneOffset
    David Rodríguez
    you can use this PR: michelson/lazy_high_charts#163, or wait for it to be merged! :wink:
    Andrew Newell
    @deivid-rodriguez Ahh, I imagine that PR would do what I needed. Hopefully it can get merged soon!
    hello i just wondering can i do for loop within the method, like inside this code block:@chart = LazyHighCharts::HighChart.new('graph') do |f|. Or do you have any example i can look at? thanks
    Andrew Newell
    @guanhuay you might take a look at the wiki: https://github.com/michelson/lazy_high_charts/wiki which has examples like: https://github.com/michelson/lazy_high_charts/wiki/Clickable-bar-chart. What is the issue you're having? Have you tried to write your loop inside the block?
    @scytherswings nevermind I fixed that already, but I am wondering when I want to draw the columb
    When I draw column, can I pass a array that contain multiple value, so the array would be the width of each column? Do lazy chart does this?
    Ward Penney
    Hey all, is there a way for me to hook into the load and redraw functions with lazy_high_charts? Or is there a way for me to have JavaScript set those handlers from the chart generated by lazy_high_charts? thanks!
    Hello. New here.... Trying to use the href/url in lazy_high_charts... when someone clicks one of the bars in the graph, I want to redirect them to a given url. Seen lots of javascript examples of doing this using highcharts, but nothing in ruby for lazy_high_charts. Any help is appreciated.