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Nov 2014
Gerred Dillon
Nov 20 2014 01:01
and back
i can help with this if need be.
Michael Hernandez
Nov 20 2014 03:01
@gerred Help is always welcome, Im still just trying to wrap my head around what the best next steps are while we wait for the next release of Thrust Core
Probably create some good example apps, and guage what was easy or hard about it, and identify what could be made simpler with a tighter integration from the library
Good software should solve problems, not just provide random code
Michael Hernandez
Nov 20 2014 12:29
I propose moving packages to a src directory before its too late and too hard to do that
theres just so many directories at the top level now
Let me know if any of you agree or disagree
William McGann
Nov 20 2014 15:16
I think restructuring now would be better than later. I also think the number of packages can be trimmed down, honestly.
Also, I'm almost free from my on call doodies!
Michael Hernandez
Nov 20 2014 16:16
nice, yea, spawn can be moved into thrust
window/menu/session can be moving into a subdirectory src/bindings
Thrust can implement NewWindow, NewSession NewMenu
common can be done away with, instead we can just use stdlogger
connection can merge with either Spawn/Dispatcher
Public directory can be done away with and made example local
and tutorial local
Michael Hernandez
Nov 20 2014 16:21
the aformentioned changes should simplify a newcomer's confusion, as the sheer amount of root level exposure is just plain silly
Again, I was rushing to get this out for the release of Thrust 0.7.5, there is alot that should be changed, including determining what methods and structures should be private vs. public