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Dec 2015
Melvin Davis
Dec 29 2015 08:12
Hi can anyone help me out in building the final release of an app I made using go-thrust.. I made the build of my app and deployed in a different OS. But there go-thrust started downloading the 0.7.6 from github. Is there a way make a standalone package of my app?
Michael Hernandez
Dec 29 2015 15:09
Hi @mib4fun, this project is still in use but not actively maintained.
Hi @melvinodsa please look at the Provisioner class
Melvin Davis
Dec 29 2015 16:49
thanks you @miketheprogrammer . I did a walk around and made some changes to your after forking it. I made my release...
I may suggest that using a file directory as a parameter in the app.Start() might come handy for further customization and in the main program also it can be done like a args.. it would really be great.