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Mar 2016
Mar 11 2016 12:49
@jaytarang92 should be possible. look in go-bindata-assetfs
when using go-bindata-assetfs you essentially create a golang file called bindata_assetfs.go. then you can do a go build which will create a single binary
bindata_assetfs.go will hold all your assets ;)
@john-dev just started working with go-thrust. I was wondering if there was a way to prevent window resizing (e.g capturing the resize event and return a false)
Michael Hernandez
Mar 11 2016 15:24
thats what your supposed to do @jaytarang92
@johnally Not sure if you can prevent, but you can definitely run in kiosk mode\
Jasmit Tarang
Mar 11 2016 19:10
Thanks guys .. I was gonna do that but the thrust_shell dependency is huge .
@fellou89 regarding your issue is that you need to included the vendor folder that has the thrust_shell with all the dependencies in order to run your binary.
Mar 11 2016 22:17
@miketheprogrammer thanks for your response. I will try the kiosk mode :)
@jaytarang92 if you are doing a windows app, you can still upx the whole thing afterward. I got from ~9mb to ~2mb. Still a fair trade in my opinion (but that's without thrust included)