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james thornber
You'll be able to help me. I downloaded the parallel-Templates, and merrily chipping away at the code. I notice that there are colours defined in the materialize.css file. I'd like to add some others to that file, but when I do the colours don't render properly on my web page. I've created a background-colour with a hex code of #eae7dc, and called it eggshell-white. Am I doing this correctly please? Thank you :)
Jesus Avina
Hey guys, is Milligram still up to date?
CJ Patoilo

I use this all of the time. Small, simple projects don't necessarily need releases every year. So, Milligram looks great!

Besides, Milligram has recently been adopted by huge frameworks like as Phoenix (Elixir) and CakePHP (PHP).

Bruno Parga
Hi, I'm a bit confused about using Milligram in an npm project. How exactly do I use it after installing it with npm install milligram? Do I need to include any links in the head of my pages? What should the src attribute be?
Hello, anyone there?
Im trying milligram on a project and was wondering how to tell the grid to wrap to a new gridrow after e.g. 4 items
Im spitting out images with php and the grid packs them all in one row
Ah ok, found a solution by using the "row-wrap" class on the row
Dixon Etta-Ekuri
@brunoparga Hi Bruno, Did you get help?
Nathanael McInnis
I am building out my form and can't seem to add row and col to my textarea. Does Milligram not have those values?
Shriniket Deshmukh
Hey Guys, Milligram.io is so great, that it helped me reduce Page load time by 30% for site : https://www.you2mp3.online/.
Thanks @cjpatoilo & community for maintaining it.
Lennard Berger
heya peeps. I have a very basic site with 1 container and multiple columns. I would like to have 1 'top', 'middle' and 'bottom' column, and the 'middle' column should stretch out if it is not filled with content (so that the bottom column stays in the bottom 80%). Is this possible and if/how would it be achieved?
Colum-33 not going to next row automatically.
Hey, I'm new to Milligram and am using the cli. Browser-sync loads the browser page but it shows cannot get. And browser sync shows as loaded from dist, but I don't see a dist folder anywhere. Help will be appreciated. Thanks
Hey again, It's OK now, I just ran npm run build. Thanks
Samiul Salehin Pritom
hello altruists, I want a table instead the columns of the main table's row. I have tried putting a table inside the tr tag of the main table. But it is not working and disturbing the the rows below that. Can anyone help?
Tony Gray
I am planning to use Milligram in a new project. Milligram uses @necolas/normalize.css: https://github.com/necolas/normalize.css. That project seems to be to all but dead. See necolas/normalize.css#805. The last update was November 2018, and many PRs seems to have been ignored. I am considering using @csstools/normalize.css instead: https://github.com/csstools/normalize.css. Has anyone else used this with Milligram? Can anyone think of a reason not to use this? Any other thoughts or suggestions on this?

Hello, I'm trying to build a navigation menu to milligram.
I'm not a frontend dev. My goal is to write pure markdown and leverage a class less for my portfolio website. Milligram looks like the best one.
I've got it running on my local machine and can extend the sass script. Now I try to see if I'm trying to reinventing the wheel or of there is something that is just not documented for navigation, since the homepage https://milligram.io/ actually has a navigation, the minified html and css makes it hard to parse though.

More in the thread...

3 replies
2020-12-31 at 12.49.png
2020-12-31 at 12.52.png
António Almeida
@chrisdietr where does that navigation comes from? ahaha I don't have it on my side
António Almeida
ah ok

I see that there are navigation elements in the main.css on https://milligram.io/

but on https://github.com/milligram/milligram/blob/master/test/index.html they are missing.

António Almeida
ok, so my first recommendation, is, instead of copying the elements on milligram to your project, load them from node_modules ...
so instead of adding something myself, i think it's already there - and it could be added to the framework.
António Almeida
yeah, milligram doesn't come with a navigation system, afaik
my question if this can be added. since it increase usability a lot.
and it looks like it is already there. maybe size increases to 3kb then ;)
António Almeida
well, everyone's free to send PR's 😅
the main purpose of milligram is to be tiny, so if it increases the file size in 3Kb it's kind of a problem 😅
milligram/milligram#245 there is already an issue with the same request.
António Almeida
CJ Patailo, the creator and maintainer of milligram will decide if it's "important" enough to become part of the framework

I'll comment on the issue. The thing is that for me it doesn't matter if it's 2kb or 3kb but that a navigation is used a lot. So the options I have is a) pick another framework b) write my own css.

The need for a navigation is clear since even https://milligram.io/ is using a navigation ;)

I'll see, thanks for responding @promatik
António Almeida
I completely understand 👌
from my point of view navigation are widely used, obviously, but, it is very customized by each developer/website

if you consider milligram.io

    background: #f4f5f6;
    border-bottom: .1rem solid #d1d1d1;
    display: block;
    height: 5.2rem;
    left: 0;
    max-width: 100%;
    position: fixed;
    right: 0;
    top: 0;
    width: 100%;
    z-index: 2;

this is the navigation css, and only few of this rules are "general", most of them are "opinionated"

so it becomes hard for milligram to make something for general use ...
I don't think you should move away from milligram just because of this 😅
António Almeida
Milligram is the best css framework I know, is the only frontend framework I use on my projects (CSS and JS, soo no JS frameworks ...)
you can achieve incredible performance with milligram and vanilla JS
take a look of lighthouse report on my personal portfolio; promatik.pt
it's a perfect 100 score, thanks to milligram lightweight 😅

Thanks. I'd say just adding the current navigation to the framework would be enough. It can be easily added through sass and the example html file on https://github.com/milligram/milligram/blob/master/test/index.html can have it as well.

I can then use it as well for all my current ideas and adjust design if I need to.

Adding nav would make it more feature complete for me (especially since it appears to be there).

David McKee
I can't seem to find how to change the font used in milligram. I assume I could edit the css file, but I'm wondering if that's the best way. Thanks in advance!
Oh, nevermind. The stylesheet link for google fonts...