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Prisdha Dharma
Hello is there a way for me to join slack group https://slack.minio.io?
Angus Yang
Hi, i want to make my object file to permanent and download with no key (URL), but when i set mc policy download and mc policy public, the url can not be view(403 error)
How does minio notifications behave in case the notification endpoint is not available? Can it queue the notifications up? How does it behave in a federated setup when the notification endpoint is not available from some of the minio nodes?
This channel is not active anymore, please sign up at https://slack.minio.io @eniqen @Tapudp @pdharma @AngusYang-82 @wirthan to reach out to us
Constantin Angheloiu
i'm new to go (this is the second day) and i have to add some thing inside a function body
the framework in use is echo; and i have to pass as a reference the c echo.Context object
in order to reuse a method of context c.SetCookie(jwtCookie)
This channel is not active anymore, please sign up at https://slack.minio.io @cmnstmntmn
Constantin Angheloiu
ty @harshavardhana
Muhammad Azeem
This message was deleted
Vladislav Len
Hello, someone know where i can found golang community chat? I have question about mongodb Atlas connection over bongo ORM
Sivabudh Umpudh
Aaron Reisman
how to I setup a bucket policy using the S3 NodeJS Client?
In the process of using minio, I encountered a problem
i exec command "mc policy download minio/guojuntest" ,I want the files in a bucket to be permanently downloadable.
Biplab Bhattacharya

Hello all, I am facing a problem. I have installed minio client in ubuntu. This ubuntu machine is having a public IP. So whenever I tried to login from browser (In ubuntu itself) using the following url(localhost url):


              Login is successful.                                                                                                                                                                        

Now when I am trying to connect it from outside of ubuntu as a public IP from browser,it also logs in successfully. using the below things


But the code written(below) in java server to connect it says"connectionTimedout"

        MinioClient minioClient = new MinioClient(" http://216.91.XXX.XXX:9000/minio/", "accessKey","password"); 

could you guys please help me?

Andor Uhlár
Is it normal that the time it takes to retrieve objects is wildly inconsistent, and quite a bit higher than what I'd consider acceptable? i.e. to retrieve a 400KB object it takes anywhere between 50 to 150ms
Andor Uhlár
Actually, nevermind that, I wasn't measuring accurately 🤔
Till Höppner
Hey! I just updated to latest minio, and now it appears to redirect firefox and chromium indefinitely to /minio/minio/minio/minio/...
curl doesn't indicate what might cause this error, and navigating a browser to an object that actually exists... works
Has anyone else observed this behaviour?
This channel is not active anymore, please sign up at https://slack.minio.io @cmnstmntmn
i am trying to upload metaData to minio s3 , it is uploading successfully but i am not able to see that metaData in minio browser.
Bucket: bucket,
Key: key,
Body: passStream,
Metadata: metaData
and my metaData is : var metaData = {
'x-amz-meta-Testing': "1234",
Nabeel Ali
Hello everyone. How can we set the bucket permission to authenticated? From where we can get the access token for accessing these files ?
Paras Rocks
I need some help related to minio !
Steve Wills
the latest release fails to compile
pkg/cpu/cpu.go:53:22: undefined: newCounter
Steve Wills
on FreeBSD
About minisql. Is there an API. Like GRPC or OPENAPI planned ?
minio cant run on termux
but still cloud run on FreeBSD
Steve Wills
./minio server /data
root@localhost:~# ./minio server ./data
Illegal instruction
Martin Harvan
Hi, I'm new to minio, and I have issue listing the files in a bucket. We use 'minio/foo' as bucket name, however when I use aws-sdk to listObjects with bucket 'minio/foo' I get that the bucket name cannot contain forward slash.. so then I tried just getting bucket name 'minio' but that gets no data ({"status":"{\"Contents\":[],\"CommonPrefixes\":[]}"}) any ideas?
Angus Yang
Hi, Everyone
We have moved on to https://slack.min.io
Please join us there
Dmitry Yusupov
Hi Guys. Just spreading the news that Next Generation Multi-Cloud Object storage layer EdgeFS now open-sourced - take a look, star it if you like it!! https://github.com/Nexenta/edgefs
Steve Wills
hmm, interesting, i wonder if it builds on FreeBSD...
Hey all. Any ideas how I can find out why I'm getting "message too large" errors for 1M+ files?
they're multipart messages
hey guys how do I define a interface method that returns a struct