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    harshavardhana on master

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    krisis review_requested #432
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    krisis opened #432
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    markslater opened #430
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    ravindk89 on master

    Missed fixing option on mc mb Sync for MinIO Server Release R… (compare)

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    ravindk89 on master

    Remove incorrect references to … (compare)

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    ravindk89 closed #429
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    ravindk89 on minio-transparent-restarts

    Remove incorrect references to … (compare)

  • Mar 03 21:37

    ravindk89 on master

    additional cleanups after merge (compare)

  • Mar 03 20:21

    ravindk89 on master

    Update minio.py and mc referenc… (compare)

  • Mar 03 20:21
    ravindk89 closed #428
Constantin Angheloiu
ty @harshavardhana
Muhammad Azeem
This message was deleted
Vladislav Len
Hello, someone know where i can found golang community chat? I have question about mongodb Atlas connection over bongo ORM
Sivabudh Umpudh
Aaron Reisman
how to I setup a bucket policy using the S3 NodeJS Client?
In the process of using minio, I encountered a problem
i exec command "mc policy download minio/guojuntest" ,I want the files in a bucket to be permanently downloadable.
Biplab Bhattacharya

Hello all, I am facing a problem. I have installed minio client in ubuntu. This ubuntu machine is having a public IP. So whenever I tried to login from browser (In ubuntu itself) using the following url(localhost url):


              Login is successful.                                                                                                                                                                        

Now when I am trying to connect it from outside of ubuntu as a public IP from browser,it also logs in successfully. using the below things


But the code written(below) in java server to connect it says"connectionTimedout"

        MinioClient minioClient = new MinioClient(" http://216.91.XXX.XXX:9000/minio/", "accessKey","password"); 

could you guys please help me?

Andor Uhlár
Is it normal that the time it takes to retrieve objects is wildly inconsistent, and quite a bit higher than what I'd consider acceptable? i.e. to retrieve a 400KB object it takes anywhere between 50 to 150ms
Andor Uhlár
Actually, nevermind that, I wasn't measuring accurately 🤔
Till Höppner
Hey! I just updated to latest minio, and now it appears to redirect firefox and chromium indefinitely to /minio/minio/minio/minio/...
curl doesn't indicate what might cause this error, and navigating a browser to an object that actually exists... works
Has anyone else observed this behaviour?
This channel is not active anymore, please sign up at https://slack.minio.io @cmnstmntmn
i am trying to upload metaData to minio s3 , it is uploading successfully but i am not able to see that metaData in minio browser.
Bucket: bucket,
Key: key,
Body: passStream,
Metadata: metaData
and my metaData is : var metaData = {
'x-amz-meta-Testing': "1234",
Nabeel Ali
Hello everyone. How can we set the bucket permission to authenticated? From where we can get the access token for accessing these files ?
Paras Rocks
I need some help related to minio !
Steve Wills
the latest release fails to compile
pkg/cpu/cpu.go:53:22: undefined: newCounter
Steve Wills
on FreeBSD
About minisql. Is there an API. Like GRPC or OPENAPI planned ?
minio cant run on termux
but still cloud run on FreeBSD
Steve Wills
./minio server /data
root@localhost:~# ./minio server ./data
Illegal instruction
Martin Harvan
Hi, I'm new to minio, and I have issue listing the files in a bucket. We use 'minio/foo' as bucket name, however when I use aws-sdk to listObjects with bucket 'minio/foo' I get that the bucket name cannot contain forward slash.. so then I tried just getting bucket name 'minio' but that gets no data ({"status":"{\"Contents\":[],\"CommonPrefixes\":[]}"}) any ideas?
Angus Yang
Hi, Everyone
We have moved on to https://slack.min.io
Please join us there
Dmitry Yusupov
Hi Guys. Just spreading the news that Next Generation Multi-Cloud Object storage layer EdgeFS now open-sourced - take a look, star it if you like it!! https://github.com/Nexenta/edgefs
Steve Wills
hmm, interesting, i wonder if it builds on FreeBSD...
Hey all. Any ideas how I can find out why I'm getting "message too large" errors for 1M+ files?
they're multipart messages
hey guys how do I define a interface method that returns a struct
Sean Murphy
Hi, Sorry to bother you all on here - I have a golang contract position in Rotterdam,Holland 6 months paying up to £800 a day looking for strong developers who are interested - if you are interested please contact me on sean@fullstack.london or DM me to find out more.
Alik Send
Hi. I want to serve public website using minio. Can I set custom 404 page to display on errors like NoSuchKey instead of default XML response that explains my bucket name etc?
Dicken George
Hi @all How can i monitor minio buckets? other than using the web UI. Is there a curl or command line tool that i could use?
Smit Jain
Hi All, anybody used Minio with Spinnaker
I am getting error message front50 service of spinnaker which tries to connect to Minio. 18:43:51.280 [400 Bad Request] s3.HeadBucket 147µs 🠉 137 B 🠋 258 B
Smit Jain
got the issue, it was AWS SDK which default us-east-1 region
not sure why
vadlamudi tejaswini
Hi, I am pretty new to minio. Have a plan to store my application files using minio. I will not be using any cloud providers, I have my own k8s cluster and I would like to deploy minio. My application is based on golang, could you please point me the correct recommended SDK or client library which I need to use?
I see different recommendations over the internet, one of it is to use: go get github.com/minio/minio-go/v6
BTW, is there any open object storage API standard?
Ramon de Klein
I am looking at the lifecycle feature in Minio to automatically expire files after 7 days. Is this done using a regular sweep, how often and can you prioritize it so normal get/put traffic will not be harmed by a sweep? I refer to this feature: https://github.com/minio/minio/tree/master/docs/lifecycle