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minio cant run on termux
but still cloud run on FreeBSD
Steve Wills
./minio server /data
root@localhost:~# ./minio server ./data
Illegal instruction
Martin Harvan
Hi, I'm new to minio, and I have issue listing the files in a bucket. We use 'minio/foo' as bucket name, however when I use aws-sdk to listObjects with bucket 'minio/foo' I get that the bucket name cannot contain forward slash.. so then I tried just getting bucket name 'minio' but that gets no data ({"status":"{\"Contents\":[],\"CommonPrefixes\":[]}"}) any ideas?
Angus Yang
Hi, Everyone
We have moved on to https://slack.min.io
Please join us there
Dmitry Yusupov
Hi Guys. Just spreading the news that Next Generation Multi-Cloud Object storage layer EdgeFS now open-sourced - take a look, star it if you like it!! https://github.com/Nexenta/edgefs
Steve Wills
hmm, interesting, i wonder if it builds on FreeBSD...
Hey all. Any ideas how I can find out why I'm getting "message too large" errors for 1M+ files?
they're multipart messages
hey guys how do I define a interface method that returns a struct
Sean Murphy
Hi, Sorry to bother you all on here - I have a golang contract position in Rotterdam,Holland 6 months paying up to £800 a day looking for strong developers who are interested - if you are interested please contact me on sean@fullstack.london or DM me to find out more.
Alik Send
Hi. I want to serve public website using minio. Can I set custom 404 page to display on errors like NoSuchKey instead of default XML response that explains my bucket name etc?
Dicken George
Hi @all How can i monitor minio buckets? other than using the web UI. Is there a curl or command line tool that i could use?
Smit Jain
Hi All, anybody used Minio with Spinnaker
I am getting error message front50 service of spinnaker which tries to connect to Minio. 18:43:51.280 [400 Bad Request] s3.HeadBucket 147µs 🠉 137 B 🠋 258 B
Smit Jain
got the issue, it was AWS SDK which default us-east-1 region
not sure why
vadlamudi tejaswini
Hi, I am pretty new to minio. Have a plan to store my application files using minio. I will not be using any cloud providers, I have my own k8s cluster and I would like to deploy minio. My application is based on golang, could you please point me the correct recommended SDK or client library which I need to use?
I see different recommendations over the internet, one of it is to use: go get github.com/minio/minio-go/v6
BTW, is there any open object storage API standard?
Ramon de Klein
I am looking at the lifecycle feature in Minio to automatically expire files after 7 days. Is this done using a regular sweep, how often and can you prioritize it so normal get/put traffic will not be harmed by a sweep? I refer to this feature: https://github.com/minio/minio/tree/master/docs/lifecycle
Hi everyone, I am also a newbie to minio. I want to know, what should I do if the disk mounted by minio is full?
Hello! With AWS SDK Java 2.0 I'm getting SdkClientException: Unable to execute HTTP request: Acquire operation took longer than the configured maximum time. error. How to Increase this timeout?
Does minio server support signatures s3v4?
Does Minio server can generate fs.json on start?
I mean now I start it with 'mini server /data'. But in this case I will have default eTag for all my files
Hello, everyone! I have a single instance of Minio server and about 100 write requests per second with small files (about 100KB). And these write operations take a while. Is it possible to speed up minio somehow?
3 replies
hello , I have a service that returns an image url to my front service , but I cant managed to get the image displayed , anyone who can help me please
I need to get somehow the image's shareable link back into my front service
Hello, I want run the cluster of the Minio server. But I am getting the following error.
Unable to read 'format.json' from http://node1:9000/data/3: Expected 'storage' API version 'v20', instead found 'v20', please upgrade the servers
hi..i had distributed minio cluster with 4 nodes. Today morning mc command was not working so I restarted the minio on one of the server. Now when I am trying to access all the nodes in the browsers it gives error 'server is not intialised" . could you please help

Hello, I want run the cluster of the Minio server. But I am getting the following error.

same issue

vadlamudi tejaswini
Hi, I have a use case to store gzip files in my MinIO server. I have CLI commands supporting such a feature. I'm not sure how to address this using S3 API logic. Does anyone have an idea on how to implement it? Can I directly store gzipped files on the fly in MinIO without needing intermediate storage?
Is there any good go package or minio API that aid this UC?

Unable to read 'format.json' from http://node1:9000/data/3: Expected 'storage' API version 'v20', instead found 'v20', please upgrade the servers

Hi, have you found solution?

1 reply
Cyber Peach
Sorry, I got a problem on connect to minio , error "The request signature we calculated does not match the signature you provided. Check your key and signing method."
mc: <ERROR> Cannot add new Remote target. Unexpected client 'admin' API version found 'v3', expected 'v2', please downgrade the client to older releases.
which client version should have downgrade?
Elyor Latipov
<Message>Your metadata headers exceed the maximum allowed metadata size.</Message>
Hello #all,how can I fix this issue?
nee in the PresignedGetObjectAsync metadata isnert content length