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Feb 2016
Feb 19 2016 13:53
At first glance I see that midipix has a 32-bit wchar type rather than 16-bit on cygwin. That will make some difference but could be supported by mintty.
What's your current status of compiling mintty for midipix? If you point me to some results, I can assess how much effort that might be...
Feb 19 2016 15:38
We have a work-in-progress repository at, in the midipix branch.
Every commit has been compiled and tested against cygwin to make sure nothing breaks there, and we're working on making it work for midipix. :)
Daniel Gordon
Feb 19 2016 16:47
Woah cool I never heard of midipix. Is it available publicly for testing?
Daniel Gordon
Feb 19 2016 17:09
So could you in theory replace all Babun/Cygwin functionality with Midipix? One of my biggest gripes is that Cygwin is just too slow.
Feb 19 2016 17:27
We have some internal repos and testing, you can check out #midipix on freenode if you're interested :)
I don't know much about Babun, but midipix's goal is (very) broadly similar to Cygwin's -- only implemented in different ways (on top of the kernel native API instead of Win32) and with different nuances
Our testing definitely shows some performance increases over Cygwin, though