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Dec 2016
Patryk Zawadzki
Dec 13 2016 10:32
@orion-v Saleor is meant to only carry the "experience" part that you can customize fully. You should be able to upgrade all of the surrounding libraries without having to upgrade Saleor itself. Of course you are free to cherry-pick commits that make sense for your store but I don't think many of the users would expect their entire checkout experience to change every month or so.
Orion Vianna
Dec 13 2016 15:26
@patrys Thank you for the reply. Saleors code looks like it would be a pleasure to work with. How hard is to patch Saleor when there are breaking changes with the libraries it depends on? I have been maintaining a satchmo site since 2010 and it got a lot more painful to keep it up to date with Django after satchmo became abandoned. Saleor looks like one of the best choices for something that needs a fair amount of customization. Would you say that something like Solidus/Spree or Magento would be a lower maintenance option for a shop that does not need anything custom (other then design)? I guess what I'm trying to ask is... What would be the easiest to maintain option other then using something like Shopify? Can ecommrece be easy to maintain and easy to customize or is it mutually exclusive? Am I making the right assumptions? I appreciate your insight. Thanks again.