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Dec 2017
Dec 21 2017 08:45
It is possible to set the filter by "Variant name”? I need to add the length information for the "size” variant.
Patryk Zawadzki
Dec 21 2017 11:02
you mean in the dashboard or in storefront?
Dec 21 2017 11:04
filter in storefront, that you can filter by size or length.
I would need the size "S" to have the attribute „120cm”, that's why I thought to use the "Variant name” field.
Dec 21 2017 14:39
Has anyone tested the store's performance at 30,000 SKUs or more?
Marcin Gębala
Dec 21 2017 14:52
@maltitco This filtering is pretty versatile, you should be fine with customizing the ProductFilter class in saleor/product/filters
You can use completely custom methods to handle the filtering
Dec 21 2017 15:05
@elwoodxblues Thanks for the info - I'll check it.