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Jan 2018
Jan 09 2018 13:19
I have a question about the payment provider DotPay in django-payments. Are the payment statuses updated in the store? Do I need to manually set return addresses to the store?
It is difficult to check it on localhost, the test payment ends on the dotpay page with status information.
Patryk Zawadzki
Jan 09 2018 15:15
I suggest ngrok for payment gateway testing
you should not have to set the URLs manually as the module sends the URL along with each request
Patryk Zawadzki
Jan 09 2018 15:21
make sure however that it’s correct (it will use settings.PAYMENT_HOST if present and default to the current django.contrib.sites site, protocol is determined by settings.PAYMENT_USES_SSL) will give you a public domain name you can use to test
their paid plan will allow you to reserve domains for private use