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Apr 2018
Chris A. Qvigstad D.
Apr 17 2018 11:29
What would be the best way to implement automatic sending of digital products in saleor?
is there a recommended way to extend it or hook into different parts that I havent found?
Filip Kucharczyk
Apr 17 2018 12:40
I'd hook up into create_order function
Mind that order might be created by staff from the dashboard as well, that would need different approach
Marcin Gębala
Apr 17 2018 12:40
Hi @chrisaq, we don't have automatic fulfillment of digital products yet.
As @Pacu2 suggested, you could try to extend create_order function where order lines are created. You could extend it and for digital items immediately create fulfillments.
Plus add some logic that would actually fulfill them by sending an email to the customer etc.