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May 2018
Patryk Zawadzki
May 09 2018 09:42
yes, Saleor is currently a Django project template that does ecommerce well, we’re slowly moving it towards becoming a stable platform with a great API (this should come with Dashboard 2.0 when it ships)
frrr brrr
May 09 2018 16:10
ah ok that helps my understanding. So to continue the example, would it be possible then to have some git repo like "Dimensional shipping for Saleor" that people could include in their project as a component, or this could only exist as a "dimensional shipping" fork?
And as another example if we had some kind of "user groups for customers" extension, that again would be part of our custom codebase. So to combine the two, you could have this one fork with both customizations but it wouldn't be possible to do like git clone mirumee/saleor then pip install various extensions to it?