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May 2018
Karan M Rajpal
May 21 2018 02:20

Hello everyone, has anyone here attempted adding a custom payment provider to saleor? I'd like to integrate one that cater's to the indian audience but I do have some questions on how I can proceed with it.

Would someone please help me with this?

Patryk Zawadzki
May 21 2018 08:51
@karanrajpal14 did you look at how existing payment gateways work?
May 21 2018 15:37
Hi. I am new to Saleor. I was wondering if I were to customize certain parts of Saleor do I change the core files?
May 21 2018 15:38
Hi! Depends what you want to change. If it's only the rendering/ design, it's quite minor changes. But if you want to add features, you will have to change the core yes
May 21 2018 15:39
Awesome! So when an update happens, I can merge it myself hoping there will not be any conflicts?
Thanks for the prompt response.
Hmm. @Renzo04 asked a similar question. Seems like this will answer him as well.
May 21 2018 15:44

You will need to fix conflicts yes, no choice with that. If there is not that much changes/ conflicts, you can easily resolve them manually. Otherwise, it can get really messy, then you would have to 'replay' your changes over saleor, which would mean to start from a clean saleor version and redo your changes over it as many logical changes may have happen.

There is not that much magic sadly.

You need to keep track of your changes, and be able to quickly find the code difference of your changes, so you know what you did and can trace back.
And need to keep track of Saleor changes and issues.

The easiest way to maintain, is to have a branch that often pull from Saleor. So you have your future update/ release branch updated from Saleor

Renzo Manganiello
May 21 2018 15:56
Thanks for your reply @NyanKiyoshi and thanks to @shamhaad180 to explain my concern with clearer words. I'll give Saleor a try and If i can help you with something I'll let you know!
May 21 2018 22:11
@patrys what's going on with mjml templates and localization? They seem totally not synced

For example orders are not synced, which is a 4 months old change. Then, searching for '.mjml' in django.po is returning no results, mjml files may be ignored?
May 21 2018 22:49
Thanks @NyanKiyoshi.