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May 2018
Patryk Zawadzki
May 22 2018 09:14
@NyanKiyoshi you’re right, that one’s on me, I’ll see to fixing this
Patryk Zawadzki
May 22 2018 10:01
Adobe is buying Magento, I wonder what that means for their 1.x branch
May 22 2018 10:02
May 22 2018 10:20
So, the decision to migrate was right :)
May 22 2018 10:35
Shouldn't we say "excluding" or "including VAT"?
May 22 2018 12:10
Hello everyone, i am currently exploring to use Saleor for my upcoming e-commerce project. So, i want to know is there any way to use radio button for filters instead of checkboxes? if yes, what is the process ?
May 22 2018 12:33

Hi! Depends. I would say without caring to check if only one item was selected, you could just replace checkboxes for radio buttons in filters template (templates/product/_filters.html).

And probably add a new field on the ProductAttribute model (e.g.: accepts multiple values as bool) if you want to handle both checkboxes and radio buttons depending on the filter. (saleor.product.models.ProductAttribute)

Then you would have to edit the Attribute form (saleor.dashboard.product.forms.ProductAttributeForm and templates/dashboard/product/product_attribute/form.html)

May 22 2018 19:06
Hi All, Thanks for creating this awesome project, I have a question to contributors , do you have any plan to separate the APIs from view in very near future?
so that we can use the API for the mobile end apps also?