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May 2018
Stéphanie Cloutier
May 24 2018 18:13
Hello, I was wondering how to change the dashboard language ! I can see the French locale is completed for it, and I can't seem to find the place to set it to default
May 24 2018 18:14
Hey! There is two ways:
  1. Go to your browser settings and set the French language as default (if you let Saleor be to the default language);
  2. Go to the frontstore, and select the French language from the dropdown at the top-right of your screen.
Stéphanie Cloutier
May 24 2018 18:16
The website I'm working on will only exist in French, at least at first, and I thought by setting the LANGUAGE_CODE to 'fr' it could work ?
May 24 2018 18:20
It could work, as this settings key is setting the default store language
Stéphanie Cloutier
May 24 2018 18:21
Okay thank you, I'll look into that :)
May 24 2018 18:51

May I get your thoughts on something, @patrys?

I'm helping someone that has a lot of issues to use Saleor on Windows (does not want to switch over Linux, as Saleor and Python is compatible Windows).

So right now, I have a few difficulties to ensure #2187 was applied correctly as requested.
The big issue is that the error "template not found" for email is occurring over and over.

So my question is: should we put a verbose option to the mjml compiler to allow easier debugging of what was compiled and what was not?
I checked, it is not built-in of mjml, so it would require to be implemented...

I want to know if you feel that we could use that or not. As having no feedback from compilation and mjml is quite like walking outside without seeing anything.

(venv) wuu@localgetter ~/develop/saleor $ node node_modules/mjml/bin/mjml -h

  Usage: mjml [options] [files...]


    -V, --version          output the version number
    -l, --level [level]    Specifies the level of validation of MJML parser (skip/soft/strict)
    -r, --render <file>    Compiles an MJML file
    -i, --stdin            Compiles an MJML file from input stream
    -w, --watch <file>     Watch and render an MJML file
    -o, --output <file>    Redirect the HTML to a file
    -s, --stdout           Redirect the HTML to stdout
    -m, --min              Minify the final output file
    -f, --format <format>  Output format for MJML validation
    --validate <file>      Validate a MJML Document
    -h, --help             output usage information
(venv) wuu@localgetter ~/develop/saleor $