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May 2018
Patryk Zawadzki
May 30 2018 11:27
postal code validation should work out of the box (assuming Google provides us with strict enough rules, we use the same data set that Chrome uses)
Patryk Zawadzki
May 30 2018 13:00
as for auto-complete I assume it would require some third-party integration like Google Maps or, more likely, something specific to the country in question
Saleor does not currently support anything like that and even if we wanted to work on this it would likely make sense to wait until the storefront is reimplemented as a single-page javascript application
Patryk Zawadzki
May 30 2018 13:05
I know features like this are popular with businesses where the customers are likely to be expats making a purchase abroad (not knowing their own address, not knowing their postal code, etc.)
Mauro Silva
May 30 2018 15:49
Hi Patryk, thanks for help. When I'm asking its muche a metter of how I costumize withount break compatibility with new versions of Saleor. Like how to colaborate with blocks and workflows. These feature is just an example. But what I mean is, how to add a block in page detail for example, or how to before update some products, do something. Like how do costumize some app from saleor.
In other works, if saleor is a ecommerce template app made in django, or if its a framework.
Im familiar with other ecommerce frameworks, and like very much your roadmap
Patryk Zawadzki
May 30 2018 15:53
currently it’s still more of a template however we have multiple projects follow the master branch by charry-picking or rebasing regularly
we’re planning to make the Django part headless with all UI living in React which will make it easier to customize without fearing of breaking compatibility
in other words the core is moving towards being an API
Mauro Silva
May 30 2018 15:57
And since django is very popular heare im Florianópolis(Brazil), i'm investigatin some solutions based on it. I'm familiar with some projects using PWA and React
Oh yes, I saw that. I'm familiar with React and Next.js, and maybe could colaborate with that.
Its a start kit made in React and Next, consuming a Graphql api
Its like what you will do as StoreFront (I think)
I will try to investigate deeper you project It try do some stuffs on it.
Thanks a lot for you fast answer Patryk
Stéphanie Cloutier
May 30 2018 21:55

@patrys Nevermind, found a solution for my previous question

I have some difficulties right now, i'm trying to deploy my saleor projet on my server; I followed the docs for the dev mode, then I followed it for production.
Now I'm kind of lost, I've tried several things, like pushing my docker image to docker-hub, then pulling it from my server to run it. It is running, but where ? also, I have no idea if I'm suppose to do it that way