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Jun 2018
Yunaz Gilang Ramadhan
Jun 13 2018 03:05
@emihir0 wouldn't that be possible in normal scenario? saleor could create all possible variants from the combinations of it's product attribute, i assume your case should ve been covered by this.
i want to ask, can we disable the log info when creating product image thumbnails (when populating data) in development environment? I only want to print the product that has been created, without the log info
Filip Kucharczyk
Jun 13 2018 07:30
@petedermott Categories are used to group products by its type (eg. shoes, t-shirt, underwear), while collections might be used for grouping by brand, occasion (summer collection, sale...) Product might be in multiple collections, but only one category is allowed
@YunazGilang Sure, you can disable it
@emihir0 If I get you right, you might just create a ProductVariant with extra quantity attribute, equal to 1 or 12 , but keep in mind that stock-related logic might need some adjustments if you want to sell products in bulk
Pete Dermott
Jun 13 2018 07:50
@Pacu2 Thanks, I've done some basic hacking to allow a product to be in multiple categories (just changed the model to a M2M field and updated the various templates and forms) would you forsee any problem with this (other than the obvious issues with handling saleor updates)?
Filip Kucharczyk
Jun 13 2018 13:51
@petedermott Can't think of anything, as long as it fits your business-related logic... :)