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Jun 2018
Jun 18 2018 03:42

@shamhaad180 it doesn't create a SQLite DB. But it creates a postgres testing database (test_saleor). You need a running postgres server, but no need to create a db for testing, it will do it automatically.

Nothing else to do apart from installing the Python requirements and compiling the assets and mail templates.

Jun 18 2018 03:45
I am running postgres on Google cloud. So that may be it? I get almost everything failed. Will check the errors once again. Thanks for input.
Jun 18 2018 03:54

If you want to use your Google Cloud Postgres Server in tests, you can manually set the database url in tests/ by adding those lines and customizing them at the end of the file:

DATABASES['default']['TEST'] = dj_database_url.config(

But running a local server is way enough and quicker

Jun 18 2018 03:59
Will do up a local server for testing. Thank you.
Patryk Zawadzki
Jun 18 2018 08:59
we always recommend a local DB server for testing, executing all queries on a remote host will make all tests last much longer