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Jun 2018
Joshua Fialkoff
Jun 22 2018 01:08
Hey all, thanks for creating and maintaining Saleor. I'm really liking it inside and out. I'm gonna start making some changes to Saleor to make it more B2B friendly. Specifically, I'd like to introduce a Company model, and allow all users associated with a particular Company to share addresses, credit cards, etc. I was wondering if you're interested in building that functionality into the core. Either way, I intend to make sure that all current B2C features remain supported.
Pete Dermott
Jun 22 2018 09:49
Is there currently any way to change the default variant for a product? I have a £35 variant and a £50 variant for a product and by default the front end initially loads with the £50 one.
Patryk Zawadzki
Jun 22 2018 09:50
currently there’s no way to sort them I’m afraid but it would be a welcome change