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Jun 2018
Jun 29 2018 11:02
How to add a product to several categories?
Patryk Zawadzki
Jun 29 2018 11:04
you can add it to multiple collections but there is always one category
Jun 29 2018 11:06
In that case, I have to rethink the whole structure from scratch, I still have the habits of Magento...
Patryk Zawadzki
Jun 29 2018 11:12
API partners like Google Merchant and Amazon expect one category for each product
Jun 29 2018 11:13
Whatever it is, I have to start thinking like SALEOR :)
Jun 29 2018 14:24

Should we go to merge the Python37 support ( when PyYaml 4.2 will be released despite travis-ci still using the release of January? Tests are (were) passing without issues with the updated requirements.

Tests are currently failing because PyYaml released a broken version (4.1) in PyPi which was needed for Python37 support (yaml/pyyaml#192)

The possible issue is that quite some people will encounter issues with Saleor if they get to use the 3.7 instead of 3.6 or previous.

Patryk Zawadzki
Jun 29 2018 14:55
let’s not rush into this and see if other problems arise
Joshua Fialkoff
Jun 29 2018 17:53
Could someone explain to me how you're handling the creation of new permissions. I see some migrations with AlterModelOptions calls but I can't figure out how that migration is created or how it results in the permissions persisting.
Jun 29 2018 18:10
It's a enum if I recall correctly
You also have to edit the permission list and create migrations ( makemigrations); if it can help you. I have to check how it works again, especially has it quite changed recently
Jun 29 2018 18:22

Inside each model, you have a Meta class that contains a permission list (identifier, verbose_name)

(e.g.: in saleor.order.Order)

Then you have to add them to saleor.core.permissions (model_name.permission_identifier)

And PermissionMixin is managing the permissions (model User of saleor.account), which is using a enum, and to update it you have to run the makemigrations command to generate a updated enum, and thus, then, run migrate

I think that was that, I am really not sure as I don't have the code under my eyes. I hope it will help you find what you are looking for :)
Ousmane Seidy Diallo
Jun 29 2018 21:00
Hi Guys
Please i asked a question above on how to run the tests with the Docker setup, I can't run the tests am getting an error
I really want to contribute to this project
Yunaz Gilang Ramadhan
Jun 29 2018 22:08
Hi, does anyone know how can we get the models get_absolute_url as a string instead of a function instance?, i want to pass it to JSONResponse