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Jun 2018
Jun 30 2018 06:58
@YunazGilang I don't have the code right now, could you tell me what model it is? Because if I recall correctly, they are reverse(...), so it should be a string. Unless they are reverse_lazy(...)
Filip Kucharczyk
Jun 30 2018 10:39
@TheBlackDude Have you tried removing pycache folder and *.pyc files? Might that be an issue? If so, we could consider adding them to dockerignore file
@YunazGilang get_absolute_url is a function, you need to call it, like product.get_absolute_url()
Jun 30 2018 13:16
@Pacu2 we probably should add them in dockerignore as we are changing of environment from the compilation time to the deployment. Could be source of errors depending on how python is generating and using its caches