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Jul 2018
Chris Ernst
Jul 07 2018 00:13

Hey all, thank you for Saleor -- it is a great starting point for an ecommerce site! A few questions on issues I've ran into, maybe other are experiencing/have workarounds:

  1. If browsing as a guest, and items are added to cart, then checkout and sign in as user, cart does not carry-over/migrate to known user.

  2. Is there a feature to waive the shipping fee based on the carts subtotal (ex. free shipping over $75)?

  3. Order emails are sent and order is created in system prior to payment (may make consumers think order is completed although not paid) It seems like some of the checkout process steps could be consolidated to decrease dropoff.

I really appreciate the work you all have done on this project! I hope to learn more to be able to contribute in the future!

Jul 07 2018 00:48
2) was planned (#2054), may come later on this year after the whole dashboard and frontstore revamp
Jul 07 2018 00:54

1) it's an anonymous checkout but is confusing as it ( checkout:login ) invites non logged-in to kind of create an account, but is not.

What could be possible, would be to send an activation link to the anonymous user inviting them to activate their account (thus set a password), so they would also get their order linked with their account.

Then if user tries to anonymous checkout with the same email, it should refuse.

Maybe something like that would be better

Jul 07 2018 01:02


Left panel: new customer? Button: continue
Right panel: existing customer? Button: login

That's why I say it looks like it creates an account after checkout (it's not of course) but would make a lot of sense to create one automatically