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Jul 2018
Jul 23 2018 18:59
Hey folks, new here. Wondering if the team has any plans to introduce subscription-based products to the store (i.e. a recurring box of coffee to be shipped every month)?
Николай Инкогнито
Jul 23 2018 19:46
@fredwangster_twitter i think simplest way - do from celery autorepeat buy
Jul 23 2018 20:05

That's a really bad idea. It doesn't keep track of the process and would not be surviving if the task gets killed or crashed.

It would require a real handling process and should trigger the event through cron tasks (or something else that would be reliable and safe against multiple instances).

Николай Инкогнито
Jul 23 2018 20:09
i have too qs: i need create shop, but where customer can buy only if win in lottery, customer can access to this function only after pay "entered" price. Are will be good idea - use vauchers for "enter - pay" function? Sory my poor english, i try)