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Jul 2018
Pete Dermott
Jul 26 2018 12:58
Hey all, is there anyway to model a product variant in Saleor that has attributes that aren't selectable from the storefront? For example, we currently have a product that has two variants that either come with an additional part, or doesn't. Adding this extra part will obviously affect the product's weight (and therefore its shipping cost) but I can't see a way to hide the weight from the storefront whilst still making it a variant specific attribute.
Marcin Gębala
Jul 26 2018 14:20
Hey @petedermott , there is no way to hide a variant attribute from the storefront. I think one way to do that would be to add a boolean field in the ProductAttribute model and based on that hide or show it in the storefront.
Pete Dermott
Jul 26 2018 14:54
Thanks @elwoodxblues , I was thinking of going along those lines. The big issue I'm running into is that the storefront variant picker doesn't take this sort of thing into consideration. i.e if I change my extra part option then I would also have to select the weight in order for it to show an updated price, otherwise it will just show the standard products price.
Jul 26 2018 18:36
Hey everyone! I researched the demo site and the source code of the Saleor. And I've found an interesting feature and I want to ask about it. When I apply some filters on category page, I see the next url: /products/category/apparel-5/?brand=saleor, but the code of product filters ( tells me, that this url should look more like this: /products/category/apparel-5/?brand=1 (pk instead slug). Is this some new feature? Or, maybe, i've misunderstood the code?
Jul 26 2018 19:47

@lowerdeez hello! That's because you are looking into the master branch. The demo store is on the demo branch, which has some differences. One of them is that the category pages are fully written in React and the queries are made through the store's is GraphQL API.

On the master branch, the category pages are fully handled by django, and you do have the behavior of having the pk instead of the value.