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Aug 2018
Aug 06 2018 06:48
Can anyone help me out in integrating Razorpay payment gateway in Saleor? I am trying from last two days but couldn't do anything.
Filip Kucharczyk
Aug 06 2018 08:12
@BredoGen_gitlab I think the storefront will be delayed, at least for one sprint, but can't tell the precise date at this moment
@ElGordodel2012_twitter It would require some customisation (like adding ISBN and ability to search by it) but Saleor gives you a solid ground to build your way up
Filip Kucharczyk
Aug 06 2018 08:24
@Kuntal-KK Unfortunately I have no experience with Razorpay gateway, however I've seen they have Python SDK available maybe that will be helpful?
Aug 06 2018 16:47
Hi everyone, could someone tell my how can I store some value in cache for certain time?
Filip Kucharczyk
Aug 06 2018 20:29