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Aug 2018
Aug 07 2018 00:10
Is there a programmatic way to adjust the categories in the header?
Aug 07 2018 04:20
Yes I have tried every resource available but could not integrate it. If I get some guide, will be helpful. @Pacu2
Filip Kucharczyk
Aug 07 2018 06:03
@imdatacenters Take a look at the Navigation section in the dashboard, is that what you're looking for?
@Kuntal-KK You might want to take a look how payments in django-payments package are implemented
Aug 07 2018 07:37
@Pacu2 ty! i was not sure if that of customization was supported (searching multiple products -ISBNs- at the same time, sowhing results for all of them, adding them to the cart with one click. I will look further.
Filip Kucharczyk
Aug 07 2018 07:45
That's not supported by default, but should not require much changes
Николай Инкогнито
Aug 07 2018 12:00
Hi all, anybody try use SMS auth (not classic email, only SMS) for saleor? maybe any start develop? need any expirance. This is possible ?
Patryk Zawadzki
Aug 07 2018 12:01
I guess you could use software like Twilio to implement it but I’m not aware of anyone using it for auth
Николай Инкогнито
Aug 07 2018 18:19
how about migrate to ? Twilio have too (but i dont see why need this when need just send SMS)