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Sep 2018
Chonlarnatt Poonchattakarn
Sep 03 2018 12:43
Screen Shot 2561-09-03 at 19.41.02.png
Can anyone help ? I stuck with this one while installing into my ubuntu
"ImportError: cannot import name 'STRICTNESS'" when install in ubuntu 16.04, python3.5
Sep 03 2018 13:51
@dongdooo did you manually upgraded django-filters? This error is very likely from django-filters 2.0, which is not compatible as of now (We are using 1.1). Try reinstalling requirements (pip install -r requirements.txt)
Chonlarnatt Poonchattakarn
Sep 03 2018 14:23
@NyanKiyoshi Thank you :)
Sep 03 2018 23:14
Hi guys.I have a question. Can I do multiple select variants?
I want to create a product which can chose a lot of variants. Is this possible.